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SFC receives study order by German Bundeswehr

In the study’s context SFC Energy will analyze the application potentials and the adaptation requirements of SFC Energy’s commercial 0.5 kW fuel cell for German Bundeswehr. The 0.5 kW fuel cell will feature a multiplication of power over EMILY, thus opening new capacities and applications, e.g. in mobile command posts or as stationary field charger.

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EFOY Pro fuel cells power obstruction lights of wind turbines

Windkraft Service GmbH, a maintenance, testing, and repair services provider for wind energy plants, uses the proven EFOY Pro fuel cells for fully integrated proprietary power supply solutions. The Company leases the systems to the providers for powering obstruction lights during the construction phase of wind energy plants. Windkraft Service offers full service from installation and launch to final dismantling. Wind energy plant operators benefit from reduced costs, reduced logistics effort and an environmentally-friendly energy solution.

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SFC Energy’s environmental management system certified to ISO 14001:2004

SFC Energy has been successfully certified according to ISO 14001:2004. Certification was carried out by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH and further strengthens SFC Energy's environmental commitment.

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New remote control power solution for oil & gas applications

On the occasion of Global Petroleum Show 2014 in Calgary, starting today, SFC Energy Group member Simark Controls presents a new remote control solution for EFOY Pro fuel cells powering oil & gas SCADA systems and remote assets. The secure solution with new features like remote control, notification and data acquisition/logging is integrated via the TBox of telemetry and SCADA specialist Semaphore and allows secure web access. Therefore, the new package is perfect for hostless and traditional hosted applications.

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New EFOY ProCabinet fuel cell solution

At ISA Automation Expo & Conference in Edmonton, Canada, SFC Energy is launching an extreme weather EFOY ProCabinet, especially designed for demanding industrial applications in arctic conditions.The new EFOY ProCabinet supplies energy over months without requiring any user intervention or service, even at temperatures down to -40 °C / 40 °F.Therefore, it is the ideal solution for the oil and gas industry.

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EFOY service centre in Canada

In order to support their North American industry customers faster and more efficiently, SFC Energy has now opened a new service centre and warehouse in Calgary, Canada. Industrial product repairs and technical updates are to be performed in the second fuell cartridge base besides Fairfield Ohio, US.

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SFC Energy receives major Singapore order for EFOY Pro fuel cell power systems

SFC Energy provides their Singapore partners INNOVERDE Pte/Oneberry Technologies with integrated hybrid power systems worth approx. EUR 400.000.
Most of the delivery will be used to power CCTV systems in diverse deployment scenarios. As ecological responsibility and environmental protection are of great importance in Asia, the environmentally friendly but powerful EFOY Pro fuel cell generators offer an ideal and cost-saving solution.

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SFC Energy AG: next strategic step towards systems supplier, forward integration and expansion into North-American oil & gas market by acquiring Simark Controls Ltd.

SFC Energy AG, a market leader for off grid power generation and stationary power distribution, today signed a contract to acquire Simark Controls Ltd. (Simark), a Canadian value added (VAR) distributing company with product integration and manufacturing expertise for power products, instrumentation, and automation. This forward integration is a further important step in implementing SFC’s strategy as a systems provider.

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New EFOY ProEnergyBox

SFC’s latest developed energy solution is the new EFOY ProEnergyBox, especially designed to withstand severe weather conditions. EFOY ProEnergyBox is specified for temperatures from plus 50 to minus 40 °C.
It is available in two standard sizes to hold either one or two EFOY Pro fuel cell generators and up to four 28 liter EFOY fuel cartridges.

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Convergint’s off-grid oil and gas surveillance trailers are powered by EFOY Pro fuel cells

Convergint Technologies uses the EFOY Pro fuel cells from SFC Energy to provide reliable off-grid power to the equipment on their surveillance trailers. The mobile trailers are used for a broad variety of surveillance and monitoring applications at remote oil and gas sites. One specific field of application is bird and nature observation at oil production sites to protect animals and plants.

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