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EFOY Pro fuel cell into Video Surveillance Systems of the French Ministry of Defense

SFC announces receipt of an order by its French distributor, autonomous energy expert AG Systems, Chatillon la Borde, for the delivery of 58 EFOY Pro fuel cells. The EFOY Pro fuel cells will be installed by French system integrator 4G Technology, Mouans Sartoux, to reliably power surveillance systems of the French Ministry of Defense. The French Ministry of Defense uses video surveillance systems for increased site and public area security. Many of their surveillance systems are operated away from the power grid. To ensure 100 percent availability of the systems, reliable off-grid power must be ensured at all times. Solar systems alone cannot ensure 24/7 power availability, because of their dependency upon sunlight. Therefore 4G Technology uses a hybrid approach.

“We wanted the best of two worlds for absolutely reliable power”, says Eric Girat, CEO of 4G Technology. “Hybridizing solar modules and fuel cells is the perfect combination. The support of SFC Energy’s French distributer AG Systems to our integration project was excellent. We see great potential for this product in the French security and surveillance markets and plan further projects this year.”

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EFOY Pro fuel cells integrated in Gazprom autonomous energy solution for remote gas production and SCADA applications

SFC Energy announces the integration of its popular EFOY Pro fuel cell into the autonomous energy system САЭ-110 developed by LLC Gazprom Georesurs. The system will supply reliable power to off-grid gas applications operated by Gazprom, Russia. Gazprom Georesurs selected the EFOY Pro fuel cell for integration into their system after two years of severe field tests in harshest weather and operating conditions. This is a solid prerequisite for further successful market penetration.

“Our autonomous energy system is the first in Russia with this combination of two alternative power sources”, says Alexander Zhukov, Development Specialist at LLC Gazprom Georesurs. “We needed a system that would operate at least one full year without requiring any user attendance. It also had to be environmentally friendly, as many of our sites are situated in protected areas and national parks. Our energy source will help Gazprom save major logistic and operational costs at their remote production and transportation sites, while ensuring maximum system operability and site protection.”

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation becomes official partner for EFOY Pro fuel cells in Japan

SFC Energy AG announces the signing of a new partner agreement with Toyota Tsusho Corporation: In the context of the agreement Toyota Tsusho will become an official representative of SFC in Japan. A first order of EFOY Pro fuel cells has already been shipped for sale by Toyota Tsusho in Japan.

Toyota Tsusho is one of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION group companies. As TOYOTA group's sole general trading company Toyota Tsusho promotes the development of new business from a global perspective. Both Toyota Tsusho and SFC Energy see a large market opportunity for SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells in Japan.

“We believe that the addition of the EFOY Pro fuel cells to our diversified Toyota Tsusho portfolio will bring optimum benefit and flexibility to our customers and will further strengthen our position in the alternative energy sector”, says Assistant General Manager, Mr. Takahiro Sugitani of Toyota Tsusho.

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SFC Energy Announces CAD 1.3 million (EUR 0.9 million) purchase order from major international oil & gas producer

SFC Energy AG today announced the receipt of a CAD 1.3 million (EUR 0.9 million) purchase order from a major international oil producer by SFC Energy’s Canadian subdivision Simark Controls Ltd. (Simark). With this order Simark, an established supplier of high quality custom integrated and manufactured solutions to the international oil & gas industry, continues to demonstrate growth in value added integration services offered to the oil and gas business sector in North America.

The purchase order scope of supply consists of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) electrical house for submersible pumps (ESPs). Based on their long, established integration expertise, Simark will supply the electrical house complete with VFD, transformer platform, all associated electrical Installation and wiring, as well as all associated components needed for unattended pump operation in any weather. Benefits enabled by Simark’s integrated VFD electrical house solution are significantly improved pump uptimes as well as optimized pump operation and oil production.

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SFC Energy Announces Integration of its EFOY Fuel Cell into ZephIR Wind Lidar’s Power Product

SFC Energy AG announced today that ZephIR Lidar, Ledbury, UK, is now including SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cell within “ZephIR Power” in sales to its customers located around the world. The ZephIR Power is a low-cost, stand-alone power system designed specifically for the growing wind industry’s continuing adoption of remote sensing, specifically the ZephIR 300 wind lidar. With the addition of the EFOY Pro, the Power system is now capable of up to 12 months autonomous operation.

“ZephIR 300 provides customers with wind data availability close to 100% all year round,” said Ewan Abbot, General Manager - Operations at ZephIR Lidar. “Through a decade of practical remote sensing experience, we are now able to offer a power solution to match our customers’ needs.”

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SFC Energy presents new EFOY ProCabinet with an integrated 500 W fuel cell

On the occasion of Global Petroleum Show SFC Energy AG introduces a new addition to their portfolio of reliable off-grid power generators: The EFOY ProCabinet 4120S integrated with our new EFOY Pro 12000 Duo, a 500 W fuel cell, delivering reliable, weather independent off grid power in demanding professional and industrial applications. Serial production of the EFOY Pro 12000 will begin in end of 2015.

The new ProCabinet integrates proven SFC fuel cell technology with maximum application flexibility with SFC’s most powerful fuel cell to date: It features a nominal power of 500 W and a power capacity of 12,000 Wh per day. Cabinets can be combined as required to provide additional power

“EFOY Pro 12000 Duo is another product in our innovation portfolio towards higher performance, more flexibility and ever increased user convenience”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy.

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PBF Group BV receives major order for premium power supply solutions for security, safety- and communication needs

PBF Group BV (PBF), a company of SFC Energy AG, has received a major order of a large, international security systems company for the delivery of premium power supply solutions for security, safety- and communication needs in Asia and Europe. The order will generate total revenues to the amount of EUR 3.16 million.

PBF’s premium power supplies will be used to deliver stable voltage to public address and professional audio systems used at airports, railway stations, event locations etc. Positioned between socket and device, PBF’s premium power supplies ensure that device is supplied with exactly the voltage it requires. This significantly reduces energy costs for operation of the devices, improves their performance, and simultaneously extends their useful life.

“It is our mission to provide reliable, easy to use power solutions to our customers that meet their specific applications requirements”, says Hans Pol, CSO of SFC Energy.

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Simark Controls and Gentherm Global Power Technologies Enter Into Sales Agreement

Simark Controls, a company of SFC Energy AG today announced a new sales agreement with Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT), formerly known as Global Thermoelectric. GPT is the world leader in providing remote off-grid power solutions to the Oil & Gas market around the world, with a worldwide distribution and partner network and over 30,000 Remote Power systems deployed in 50+ countries around the world. In the framework of the agreement, GPT will sell the EFOY Pro portfolio of fuel cell based off-grid and remote power solutions by SFC Energy into the US remote power market. In a second step, GPT plans expansion of EFOY Pro sales activities into their international customer base, e.g. Asia and South America.

“We have selected the EFOY Pro power supplies because they are a perfect complementary solution for applications where thermoelectric generators (TEGs), solar modules, or batteries alone are not the right fit,” says James Bolen, President of Gentherm Global Power Technologies. “EFOY Pro Energy Solutions will help our customers by providing a power solution suited to a wide variety of applications that runs for months or years on end without any user intervention. We feel that this is an enormous advantage for the operators of these applications and we look forward to integrating it as part of our sales offering.”

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SFC Energy introduces new EFOY ProTrailer series

On the occasion of ISC WEST, the largest security industry trade show in the United States, SFC Energy AG introduces a new trailer based hybrid power solution for security & surveillance, communication, oil & gas and traffic management applications – the EFOY ProTrailer. First sales for the new trailer, which was developed by Simark Controls, a company of SFC Energy, started in November 2014 with trailers sold into security applications for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry. Further EFOY ProTrailers are on order for delivery in April 2015 from various customers.

“The new EFOY ProTrailer is another milestone in our portfolio of integrated off-grid power solutions for demanding industrial applications”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. ”It is our clear commitment to help operators of critical infrastructure and site equipment save operating cost and logistics with our power sources. The EFOY ProTrailer expands our offering now with a very attractive mobile plug & play version that is ready for use anywhere, anytime in just a few moments.”

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SFC Energy receives follow up order by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

SFC Energy AG has received a big follow up order for equipping another 306 Volkswagen T5 transporters with EFOY Pro fuel cells. The Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) uses the vehicles for toll inspection purposes all across Germany. 266 EFOY Pro fuel cells were already shipped in Q4 2014; the remaining 40 devices were delivered in Q1 2015.

“Our toll inspection officers have been convinced users of the EFOY Pro fuel cells for several years now” says Ralf Muelhausen, BAG fleet manager. “The technology ideally complements our mobility solutions in this special application. The fuel cell provides power to all devices over long periods of time with the vehicle left standing.

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