Crisis prevention

Reliable off-grid power supply for crisis prevention and critical infrastructure protection

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For radio masts, telecommunication towers or data centres, a reliable power supply in case of a power failure/blackout is essential to ensure the continued operation of the equipment. EFOY Hydrogen fuel cell solutions as well as EFOY Pro methanol fuel cells are also used for power supply in large-scale emergencies. For example, for emergency equipment and as on-board power supply for the vehicles of emergency and blue light organisations.

Power requirement Between 1 and 50 kW
Application requirements Stationary as back-up power supply, emergency power supply system, on-board power supply or mobile for temporary use on site

The challenge

A minute can become an eternity; it’s just a question of perspective. Especially when it counts. A diesel generator takes a minute or more to provide emergency power to critical infrastructure in the event of a disaster – an eternity. In large-scale emergencies resulting from floods, hurricanes or earthquakes, disaster control forces must quickly gain an overview of the situation and gather information. Communication is a success factor for effective emergency measures on the ground. However, disasters are often accompanied by power outages or emergency forces have to operate in regions far from the power grid. A fast, efficient and sustainable energy supply is essential. For civil protection forces, hydrogen and fuel cell technology offer new possibilities and numerous advantages for a reliable power supply during operations.

The solution:
EFOY Energy Solutions

Climate-neutral, uninterruptible, flexible – EFOY Hydrogen energy solutions with hydrogen fuel cells make the difference and are an indispensable energy source in disaster control up to 50 kW, whether stationary or mobile.

EFOY Hydrogen energy solutions can be used both stationary and mobile. The EFOY H₂Cabinets are turnkey control cabinet solutions for use in stationary applications and the H₂Genset is a flexible and mobile power generator with hydrogen fuel cells for areas without access to the conventional power grid.

EFOY Pro methanol fuel cells are the ideal power generators for a variety of stationary and mobile applications in the power range up to 3 kW and reliably generate electricity for weeks and months without user intervention.

EFOY H₂Cabinet – Stationary up to 50 kW

EFOY H₂Genset – Mobile up to 20 kW

EFOY Pro – Mobile & stationary up to 3 kW

Emergency power supply for critical infrastructures with EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solutions

Reliable on-board power with EFOY Pro Fuel Cells

Blue light organisations mainly use the EFOY Pro Fuel Cell, e.g. in Fire brigade vehicles. With the EFOY Pro, the entire vehicle electronics can be powered sustainably when the vehicle is at a standstill with the engine switched off. Numerous federal and law enforcement agencies in Europe and North America use the EFOY Pro fuel cell as a mobile power supply for office equipment and covert surveillance.

100% reliable

Power supply during use is ensured thanks to the EFOY Fuel Cells. The fuel cell works in any weather, day and night, as well as in any season.

Quiet and environmentally friendly

Thanks to environmentally friendly power generation, the EFOY Fuel Cells can be used in nature reserves as well as in closed vehicles and rooms.

Cost savings

EFOY Fuel Cells reduce maintenance and operating costs through battery charge conservation and significantly reduce engine operating hours.

No detectable signature

The EFOY Fuel Cell recharges the on-board battery in the vehicle fully automatically, quietly and undetectably. It ensures the operation of consumers even when the engine is switched off, thus maintaining the camouflage.

Low fuel consumption

EFOY Fuel Cells consume less fuel than diesel generators due to the high efficiency and energy density of methanol. This ensures a significantly longer autonomy without user intervention for fuel refilling.

“Uninterrupted operation”

The uninterrupted operation, the reliability and the low maintenance costs are decisive for our customers.

Gernot Mariacher, Wolftank

Find the right model

Your continuous output requirement

500 kW
Continuous operation

EFOY Pro 900

Continuous operation

EFOY Pro 1800

EFOY Pro 2800

EFOY Pro 12000 Duo

EFOY Hydrogen 2.5

EFOY H2PowerPack X50

Temporary applications


Temporary applications

EFOY 150

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With 2x M28 fuel cartridges (incl. Fuel Manager FM2). The self-sufficiency time can be extended with the use of additional fuel cartridges.

With 2x MT60 fuel cartridges (incl. Fuel Manager FM2). The self-sufficiency time can be extended with the use of additional fuel cartridges.

With 12x H2 bottles (300 bar). The back-up hours can be extended with the use of additional H2 bottles.

EFOY Energy Solutions in use

EFOY Fuel Cell Energy Solutions are used in many applications and provide environmentally friendly and reliable power. Fuel cells are used both as a mobile solution and for hard-to-reach and remote locations without access to the stationary power grid.

Read some of our reference reports and how our customers have solved the issue of self-sufficient power supply with EFOY.

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