Measurement systems in environmental technology

Off-grid power supply for reliable data transmission

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In the area of measurement technology, there are numerous different devices that reliably measure and transmit important environmental data (e.g. water levels, climate data, seismic movement or gas and radiation values).

Power requirement Between 200 and 2500 Wh/day
Autonomy requirement Up to 12 months based on the often remote and hard-to-access position of the measuring equipment.

The challenge

The provision of reliable and off-grid power around the clock, especially in winter with little sunlight and low temperatures. Solar modules alone cannot guarantee a reliable power supply in these scenarios, in particular, in bad weather or dark times of the year.

The solution:
EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cells

Integration of an EFOY & EFOY Pro into a control cabinet or combination of existing solar modules and batteries with an EFOY Pro fuel cell for the reliable provision of off-grid power in any weather.

More about EFOY fuel cells

Long autonomy &
100 % reliable

EFOY Pro fuel cells supply off-grid power for months, without maintenance and without any user intervention. A 50 W surveillance system can be powered autonomously for up to 100 days. Operating costs are lowered while recording of data is guaranteed at all times.

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“The fuel cell is the most innovative solution”

For us, the fuel cell is the most innovative and, at the same time, most environmentally friendly way of reliably supplying our equipment with power. A great advantage is that the fuel cell communicates with the user in time, for example, when the fuel cartridge is running out.

Peter Noecker, Pegelbau Schröder, Germany

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