Back-up power supply for telecommunications equipment

Reliable power supply for continuous data and voice transmission

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Base transceiver stations (BTS) are often located in areas with difficult access. They need a reliable back-up power supply in case of power failure so that the availability of public communications systems is guaranteed at all times. Critical infrastructure, such as digital radio for authorities and organisations with security roles, must continue to be supplied with unlimited power in the event of a mains grid failure.

Output requirement for low-power BTS Between 500 and 700 W
Power requirement per day 12.000 – 16.800 Wh
Autonomy requirement Back-up power of 3 to 5 days

The challenge

Reliable back-up power via an off-grid power supply that is easy to operate and requires little maintenance.

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Continous power supply

The solution:
EFOY Pro 12000 Duo

With the EFOY Pro 12000 Duo, an uninterruptible power supply is guaranteed and large banks of batteries can be avoided. By connecting multiple modules in parallel, higher outputs are also available.

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“Maximum safety

The biggest advantages are maximum safety and the fact that complex and constant re-fuelling with diesel is avoided. In winter, in particular, it can get very expensive, if there is a lot of snow and a helicopter is needed to reach the site.

Andrea Comuzzi, CALZAVARA SpA

100 % reliable

EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cells supply reliable, autonomous back-up power without user intervention for up to 10 days – enough time to restore power.

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