Continuous power supply for telecommunications equipment

Reliable power supply for continuous data and voice transmission

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Relay stations are often located in areas with difficult access because they transmit telecommunications signals to remote places.

Output requirement Between 20 and 400 W
Power requirement per day 480 – 9600 Wh/Tag
Autonomy requirement Several months

The challenge

Reliable, weather-independent, off-grid power in a complete solution that is easy to operate and maintenance-free.

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Back-up power supply

The solution:
EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cells

EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cells, in combination with solar modules, wind generators or batteries, ensure autonomous, off-grid power, even in remote areas.

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“EFOY Pro saves time!”

Previously, we were not able to guarantee a reliable power supply using only solar power. The effort to replace batteries is significant. With the EFOY Pro, we are not only sure that the system has power in any weather but we also save a lot of money by not laying power cables.

Eric Recht, Hydroservices (FR)

Long autonomy

EFOY Pro fuel cells require no maintenance and supply off-grid power for months. A 20 W relay station can be run autonomously for up to a year using a hybrid solution of EFOY Pro fuel cells and solar modules.

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