EFOY H₂PowerPack X50

Stationary and mobile plug & play energy solution

Hydrogen energy solution for
mobile and stationary applications

The hydrogen fuel cell integrated in the H₂PowerPack delivers an output of 50 kW and can be clustered up to 200 kW. With the standard CEE plug, the 300 bars hydrogen interface and the integrated display, the H₂PowerPack is easy to operate and can be used plug & play. Thanks to the use of a small high-performance buffer battery, the entire system is also comparatively small, light and compact and therefore easy to handle. The H₂PowerPack is therefore the ideal emission-free energy solution for off-grid and on-grid backup applications up to 200 kW.

The pilot series EFOY H₂PowerPack ist the company’s most powerful fuel cell solution. The transition to series production and the official market introduction are planned for the beginning of 2025, with first pilot installations in the current year.

The ideal self-sufficient power supply

Advantages of the H₂PowerPack

Plug & Play solution

The H₂PowerPack is a simple plug & play solution with a standard CEE plug for easy installation. The integrated display enables uncomplicated and user-friendly operation, while the 300 bars hydrogen interface allows efficient use.

Up to 200 kW power

Powerful 50 kW hydrogen fuel cells are integrated in the H₂PowerPack. These can be clustered to provide up to 200 kW of power if required. In this way, individual requirements can be covered efficiently and easily.

Environmentally friendly

The H₂PowerPack is an environmentally friendly solution that produces no harmful emissions such as CO₂, NOx or particulate matter during operation. By using green hydrogen, the H₂PowerPack is climate-neutral and provides sustainable energy for various applications.

100% autarky

By seamlessly integrating the H₂PowerPack into existing hydrogen production facilities, complete self-sufficiency and independence from external power sources can be achieved. This means that electricity requirements can be covered efficiently and sustainably.

Compact and lightweight

Thanks to a high-performance buffer battery, the H₂PowerPack is small and light compared to other devices on the market. The H₂PowerPack is not only compact and easy to handle, but also designed to simplify transportation and commissioning.

Various areas of application

The H₂PowerPack can be used both as a mobile unit for events, festivals and construction sites and as a stationary unit for areas such as water and gas supply, data centers and industrial plants. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures.

It offers a versatile alternative to conventional power supplies such as diesel generators and enables the following operating times:

  • 8 hours (400 kWh): 22.2 kg of hydrogen or 21 gas cylinders of hydrogen at 300 bars
  • 24 hours (1,200 kWh): 66.6 kg hydrogen or 63 gas cylinders of hydrogen at 300 bars
  • 72 hours (3,600 kWh): 200 kg hydrogen or 189 gas cylinders of hydrogen at 300 bars

Sustainable energy generation

The core of the EFOY H₂PowerPack energy solutions is an automotive-standard fuel cell technology based on PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) technology. Electricity is generated from the hydrogen fuel together with oxygen from the air. In addition to electricity, only waste heat and water vapor are produced. This is exceptionally environmentally friendly and, when using green hydrogen, also climate-neutral.

Calculate your energy requirements

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Preliminary Technical Data
EFOY H₂PowerPack

 EFOY H₂PowerPack X50
Fuel cell technologyPEM, liquid cooled
Nominal power output50 kW
Peak power output (depending on state of charge of battery) 66 kW
AC outputCEE 125 A, 400 V AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
AC input (setup as back-up power source)CEE 125 A, 400 V AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Hydrogen fuel specification, gaseousSAE J2719:2020, ISO 14687:2019 Type I Grade D
Hydrogen consumptionCa. 1.1 kg/h @ 20 kW
Maximum inlet pressure level300 bar
Battery capacity8 kWh
Operating temperature 1-20 °C to +45 °C
Storage and transport temperature-20 °C to +45 °C
IP classIP 53
Maximum altitude2 3,400 m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 11,600 x 1,200 x 2,100 mm
WeightApprox. 1,800 kg

1) Maximum output power reduction above +40°C and below 0 °C possible 2) SFC recommends to use the energy solution in a lower altitude area

Preliminary content – subject to modification and errors – April 2024


Technical data EFOY H₂PowerPack (preliminary)
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