Optional accessories for EFOY & EFOY Pro

The right accessories for your fuel cell

There are various, optional accessories for your EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cell.¹ Operate the EFOY on site via a control panel or remotely from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. The EFOY accessories allow you to monitor your fuel cells around the clock, to incorporate them into an existing communication network and extend the self sufficiency of your systems.

Remote monitoring with EFOY Cloud

EFOY fuel cells are often used in remote locations and require the option of secure remote access. EFOY Cloud gives you access to your methanol fuel cells from anywhere so you can monitor continuous operation via laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need for this is an Internet connection to your fuel cells.

You can, for example, track the current operating status of each of your fuel cells, historical data or fill levels of the EFOY fuel cartridges. If necessary, configure battery parameters and receive the firmware updates completely automatically. The integrated alarm management informs you, for example, by email of upcoming fuel cartridge replacements or a battery voltage that falls below the threshold.

To the EFOY Cloud

EFOY Cloud licenses

Extend the self sufficience
with the EFOY Fuel Manager

EFOY fuel cartridges for industrial applications are available in 5, 10, 28 or 60 l capacities. The Fuel Manager (FM) allows you to operate several EFOY fuel cartridges with one EFOY. Depending on the model, two, four or eight fuel cartridges can be simultaneously connected. The Fuel Manager automatically switches from the current to the next full fuel cartridge and ensures a long self sufficiency without user intervention.

Example of an application with continuous 50 W (without solar energy)
Fuel Cell+ FM Fuel Cartridge Autonomy
EFOY Pro 1800 1 x M28 26 days
EFOY Pro 1800 + FM2 2 x M28 52 days
EFOY Pro 1800 + FM4 4 x M28 104 days
EFOY Pro 1800 + FM8 8 x M28 208 days


The modem and router are used for remote monitoring of the EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cells.

EFOY operating panel

The EFOY operating panel makes it easy to operate the EFOY and EFOY Pro fuel cells.

Adapter for M28 fuel cartridges

An interim attachment is used to connect the M28 fuel cartridges to the fuel cell or to the Fuel Manager (FM).

Fuel cartridge sensor

The fuel cartridge sensor is used to measure the methanol level in the fuel cartridge. It will indicate when the fuel cartridges need to be changed.

EFOY Bluetooth Adapter

The EFOY Bluetooth adapter makes it possible to control the fuel cells via the EFOY app. Not compatible with EFOY Pro 12000 Duo, EFOY Pro 800/2400.

DCS1 DuoCartSwitch

The DCS1 DuoCartSwitch allows the operation of up to four fuel cartridges. Only compatible with EFOY Pro 12000 Duo and EFOY Pro 800/2400.

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¹Please note that not all accessories are compatible with all fuel cells. If you have any questions, please contact us.