The hydrogen fuel cell for higher power ranges

Technical Data

Nominal outputs from 2.5 to 50 kW

The EFOY JUPITER hydrogen fuel cell supplements the comprehensive product range of SFC Energy with energy solutions in the higher power range. Power output from 2.5 to 50 kW can be individually scaled. The operation and installation are very simple and no emissions are generated. That is why the EFOY JUPITER fuel cell can also be used in environmentally sensitive areas and is very quiet and efficient.

Technical data EFOY JUPITER 2.5

Emergency power supply of critical infrastructures

Critical infrastructures depend on a reliable power supply. A reliable emergency power system is of critical importance especially when using modern information and communication technology, such as with for authorities and organisations with security tasks (emergency services). An effective, broadband communication between the scene and situation centres is necessary for an optimised and realistic assessment of the situation. Conventional battery solutions make it very difficult to ensure long operational reliability for several days.

EFOY JUPITER fuel cells are already in use in many locations to provide backup power. The fuel cell modules switch on completely automatically and take over the load no later than 20 seconds after the power fails. Compared to solutions with diesel generators, no CO₂ emissions are generated here. Another advantage of the JUPITER fuel cell is the low maintenance effort as well as the low ageing tendency in standby mode. This ensures system availability for long periods of time.


Control cabinet with up to four EFOY JUPITER modules

The EFOY JUPITER Cabinet is in particular used as an emergency power system. Several EFOY JUPITER fuel cell modules can be combined in the control cabinet with a total output of 50 kW. The Master Control Unit (MCU) serves as a controller of the JUPITER fuel cells and continuously monitors the energy solution. In addition, the fuel cell can be remotely monitored via a web interface.

The cabinet also accommodates compressed gas cylinders for storing hydrogen. The quantity of the cylinders can be flexibly adjusted according to requirements and available space and ranges from one to 18 cylinders.

H₂ bottles 6 x 50 l (300 bar) 12 x 50 l (300 bar)
Operating time 43 h @ 2.5 kW 86 h @ 2.5 kW
Nominal Capacity 108 kWh 216 kWh

This is how the hydrogen fuel cell works

Hydrogen for the EFOY JUPITER 2.5

Hydrogen is gaseous, colourless and odourless. It is typically stored in compressed gas cylinders from 200 to 300 bar. Hydrogen – based on its weight – has a very high energy density. The fuel is harmless to the environment and non-toxic to humans.

More about the technology

Technical data EFOY JUPITER 2.5

Power output12500 W
Nominal voltage48 V DC
Supply voltage40.5 – 57.0 V DC
Weight27.0 kg
Connectable H₂ bottlesThe system has one connection. Multiple gas-bottles could be connected.
Purity of fuel3.0 or better
Nominal fuel consumption 11 Nl H₂/min/kW
Temperature of air2-33 °C to +50 °C
Operating heightUp to 3000 m above sea level
Measurements l x w x h536 x 483 x 311 mm
IP-classIP 20
ControlRemote Monitoring Tool (optional)

1) When incoming air has a temperature of <30 °C and fuel cell has < 1000 hours of operating

2) Base load of 1000 W required for min. air temperature

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