EFOY Pro 800/2400

Also available as EFOY Pro Duo with two fuel connectors for even more autonomy

Intelligent fuel cells, charging batteries fully automatically

Fully automatic power generator

The EFOY Pro 800 and 2400 are the previous models of the new EFOY Pro fuel cells. EFOY Pro 800/2400 fuel cells are intelligent power generators that can be used to continuously and fully automatically recharge batteries. The fuel cell is connected directly to the battery supplying the consumer and monitoring its charge status. Depending on requirements, the fuel cell switches on automatically, recharges the battery and then returns to standby mode – without any maintenance or user intervention required.

The EFOY Pro 800 and 2400 deliver an output of 45 W and 110 W. Both fuel cells are also available as a Duo version with two fuel connectors for two EFOY fuel cartridges. Using the DuoCartSwitch, up to four fuel cartridges can be connected to one EFOY Pro 800/2400 Duo for even more autonomy. Typical areas of application of the EFOY Pro 800 are, for example, measuring stations in the areas of environmental technology which have a continuously low energy consumption for a long duration. The EFOY Pro 2400 is often used for mobile and off-grid surveillance systems as well as ensuring on-board power supply in vehicles.

Technical Data


800/800 Duo

2400/2400 Duo

Power output

45 W

110 W

Nominal voltage

12 V DC / 24 V DC

12 V DC / 24 V DC

Charging current at 12/24 V

3,75 A / 1,88 A

9,17 A / 4,58 A

Charging current at 12 V / 24 V after 4.500 h

2,08 A / 1,04 A

6,67 A / 3,33 A


8,0/8,3 kg

9,0/9,3 kg

Dimensions D x W x H

433 x 188 x 278 mm

433 x 188 x 278 mm

¹ Power output varies by ±10 %, decreases with the operation hours. Specification valid within warranty period.

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EFOY energy solutions

EFOY Pro energy solutions combine power generation via EFOY Pro fuel cells and energy storage with batteries in a suitable housing. There is still sufficient space for customer-specific adaptations.

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User Manual EFOY Pro 800/2400
EFOY brochure
Notes for remote controlling EFOY Pro 800/2400 & 12000 Duo

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Remote Monitoring

The EFOY Pro fuel cell can be monitored and controlled via a modem.

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Questions and answers

How does the EFOY Pro fuel cell work?

The EFOY Pro fuel cell converts the fuel in the fuel cartridge direct into electrical current. Thanks to this direct conversion, which is performed with no moving parts, silent and environmentally friendly, the fuel cell is extremely efficient, clean and environmentally friendly.

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Why do I need an EFOY Pro fuel cell?

The EFOY Pro fuel cell is a fully automated battery charger that is quiet, simple and environmentally friendly, operating as a power generator in regions, where no grid connection is available, but a high power demand is needed. In off-grid industrial applications, that are not connected to the grid, the EFOY Pro fuel cell delivers reliable energy, in every weather condition – for security and surveillance, traffic regulation, remote sensors, etc.

Where can I buy an EFOY Pro fuel cell?

Please contact us directly. We will recommend you the suitable EFOY Pro Partner.

Service & Contact

What is the EFOY Pro fuel cell designed for?

The EFOY Pro fuel cell has been designed and developed for commercial and professional operation.

Can an EFOY Pro fuel cell also be monitored?

Yes, remote monitoring is possible with a modem. Please contact our partners or send an email to [email protected].

Can I connect electrical appliances direct to the EFOY Pro fuel cell?

No. The EFOY Pro fuel cell is a battery charger. Electrical appliances are supplied with power by the battery.

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