EFOY fuel cartridges

Autonomous power with EFOY fuel cartridges

EFOY Pro fuel cells are direct methanol fuel cells that are operated with the fuel methanol. The methanol is stored in EFOY fuel cartridges that have been designed especially for this purpose. They were especially designed to be used with the EFOY fuel cells, and they can be replaced easily and cleanly within seconds. Depending on your needs, EFOY fuel cartridges are available in 5, 10, 28 and 60 liter sizes. Simply adapt the size of your fuel cartridge to your autonomy requirements.

The highest quality standards

Ultra-pure and clean methanol is required for the reliable operation of EFOY Pro fuel cells. To ensure compliance with the strictest safety standards, each filling operation is supervised by SFC quality management. Only when original EFOY fuel cartridges are used, can the maximum operating life of the fuel cell be guaranteed. The high energy density of methanol provides a lot of energy in a very small space with EFOY fuel cartridges. As a result, the autonomy of your off-grid application can be increased many times.

EFOY Fuel Manager for more autonomy

EFOY fuel cartridges for industrial applications are available with 5, 10, 28 or 60 l capacity. The Fuel Manager (FM) makes it possible to operate several EFOY fuel cartridges on one EFOY. Depending on the model, two, four or eight fuel cartridges can be connected simultaneously. The Fuel Manager automatically switches from the current to the next full fuel cartridge and ensures a long autonomy time without user intervention.

Example for application with cont. 50 W (without solar)
Fuel Cell + FM Fuel Cartridges Autonomy
EFOY Pro 1800 1 x M28 26 days
EFOY Pro 1800 + FM2 2 x M28 52 days
EFOY Pro 1800 + FM4 4 x M28 104 days
EFOY Pro 1800 + FM8 8 x M28 208 days

More accessories

The benefits of EFOY fuel cartridges

Extremely high energy density

10 litres of methanol has a capacity of 11.1 kWh of energy and weighs just 8.4 kg. To deliver the same quantity of energy, around 280 kg of lead-gel batteries would be needed.


EFOY fuel cartridges have been designed to meet the strictest safety standards and have received UN approval for transportation by sea, road and air. Their design ensures that the user is never at risk of coming into contact with their contents.

Global fuel cartridge logistics

SFC has established a global logistics network for the sale of EFOY fuel cartridges. EFOY fuel cartridges are available from SFC retailers worldwide. EFOY fuel cartridges can also be transported on pallets via road, sea and air.

Technical specifications

Fuel cartridges M5 M10 M28 (M28 adapter required!) MT60
Capacity 5 l 10 l 28 l 60 l
Weight 4.3 kg 8.4 kg/15.5 lbs 23.4 kg/51.6 lbs 55.0 kg/121.3 lbs
Electrical nominal capacity 5,6 kWh 11,1 kWh 31,1 kWh 66,7 kWh
L x W x H
190 x 145 x 283 mm 230 x 193 x 318 mm 370 x 285 x 395 mm 340 x 390 x 670 mm
with M28 adapter:
370 x 285 x 425 mm
Autonomy @50 W 111 hrs 222 hrs 622 hrs 1.333 hrs


According to the CLP Regulation, methanol is categorised as a poisonous and easily flammable substance. For further information, please see the Safety Data Sheets in our downloads.