How to connect the EFOY

Beware of waste heat removal

The EFOY Pro fuel cell produces waste heat. Therefore, the waste heat opening must not be obstructed. A minimum distance of 5 cm between the EFOY Pro and any wall must be provided. For applications in warm regions, an additional fan should be installed. In cold regions, the waste heat can be used to warm other equipment in the surrounding area or the exhaust hose.

Ensure a supply of fresh air

To function smoothly, the EFOY Pro fuel cell requires fresh air. A sufficient opening for the supply air is also required to ventilate the installation space. The exhaust hose must be routed out of the installation space.

Check the battery

Lead and lithium batteries as well as rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan which is dependent on the number of charging cycles. Check the settings of the EFOY Pro fuel cell and adjust the parameters to those of the battery. We do not recommend using old or faulty batteries which have been subjected to several deep discharges, or batteries with insufficient capacity.

Beware of the temperature range

The ambient temperature of the EFOY Pro must be between -20 °C and + 50 °C and of the EFOY between -20 °C to +40 °C. In temperatures below +5 °C, the fuel cell protects itself with integrated, automatic frost protection. Prerequisites for automatic frost protection are a working, connected battery and a full fuel cartridge. At ambient temperatures down to -40 ° C, the EFOY & EFOY Pro can be integrated into a energy solution.

Energy Solutions

Adjust cables

Depending on the distance between the battery and the EFOY Pro, the cable cross-sections of the charging cable must be adjusted. Based on high air humidity, cables can corrode, leading to increased cable loss. Corroded cables should be replaced. Do not use them! Protect cables and plugs from air containing salt.

Use EFOY fuel cartridges

In order to prevent damage to the EFOY fuel cell based on impure methanol, only ever use original EFOY fuel cartridges. Please note the expiration date on the back of the fuel cartridge.

more about EFOY fuel catridges

Note: According to the CLP Regulation, methanol is categorised as a poisonous and easily flammable substance. For further information, please see the Safety Data Sheets in our downloads.