The mobile emission-free power generator powered by hydrogen

Hydrogen-based power supply for
mobile and semi-stationary applications

The H₂Genset is a flexible and mobile generator using hydrogen for use in areas without access to the conventional power grid, e.g. on construction sites, at outdoor events, for the temporary power supply of telecommunication masts or as a mobile emergency power supply in the event of catastrophes. Optionally, it can also be configured for use as a mobile emergency power generator without the need for foundations or planning permission.

With a peak output of 28 kW, the H₂Genset can be used in many applications such as:

  • Structural & civil engineering
  • Emergency power supply for critical infrastructures (CI)
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Technical relief organizations
  • Events and film industry
  • Forestry industry
  • Military

Flexible and emission-free

Hydrogen fuel cells are a climate-neutral, quiet and highly efficient alternative option for covering increased electricity demands and guaranteeing a (back-up) power supply without the need for diesel-powered solutions. The H₂Genset’s uses are not limited to its standard role as a reliable emergency power generator. It can also secure the power supply in areas without access to the conventional power grid. The H₂ generator is an advanced, climate-neutral, and incredibly flexible power supply system.

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Hydrogen-based mobile power supply

Benefits of the H₂Genset


saving 46 tonnes* of CO₂ per year

Low operating costs

Configurable according to required output level

Emission-free hydrogen fuel cell technology

The EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell modules integrated in the H₂Genset are based on proven PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) technology. The fuel cells produce electricity from hydrogen, supplemented by oxygen from the air. They convert hydrogen directly into electricity and the only waste product produced is water vapor. This is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

H₂Genset applications

Continous power supply

Covering constant consumption

Cooperation partner: Deutsche Telekom

At the Nibirii electronic music festival in Düren, Germany, the H₂Genset supplied the Deutsche Telekom mobile cell phone tower with 100% green electricity from hydrogen on an on-demand basis and served to safeguard the mobile communication of around 30,000 visitors.

Hybrid power supply

Peak load coverage through combination with battery storage

Cooperation partner: LAUTFEUER Festival

The H₂Genset supplied the stage, lighting and beverage cooling for the LAUTFEUER Festival after-show party. The battery bank, which was constantly recharged by H₂Genset, served as additional power storage for peak loads.

Cyclical power supply

Backup power supply during periods of insufficient PV power output

Cooperation partner: EWE, JOKE

At the Deichbrand Festival, we took a big step towards sustainability together with the energy provider EWE AG. The H₂Genset backed the photovoltaic installation in times with low power output and ensured an uninterrupted power supply.

H₂Genset in use

Modular design with
integrated tank system

Thanks to the modular design with integrated EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cells, the performance range can be precisely tailored to suit your requirements. The H₂Genset has an integrated hydrogen tank system and uses proven fuel cell technology to provide energy cleanly and quietly. It also needs little maintenance and is cheap to run.


Hydrogen refuel

The H₂Genset can be refueled quickly and easily at H₂ filling stations. For even greater self-sufficiency, the H₂Genset also has a connection for an external tank, e.g. a standard 12-cylinder gas cylinder bundle.

H₂Genset Flyer
H₂Genset technical data

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Keep an eye on your H₂Genset
Remote monitoring via cloud platform

Monitor individual generators or entire fleets conveniently and easily using a suitable IoT solution. The H₂Genset has an integrated cloud connection and can therefore be monitored using the associated web app. Your dashboard shows device data, such as the fill level or the location displayed on a map. The cloud platform also provides extensive functions, such as usage analyses, early fault detection, automated cost calculations for rental equipment, and the integration of geofences into fleet management systems.

About the project

The world’s first mobile and emission-free H₂ generator in its power class was jointly developed by SFC Energy AG from Germany, TEST-FUCHS from Austria and Auto AG Group from Switzerland.

Auto AG Group

Leading truck service company for green drive concepts. Development and approval of truck and trailer bodies.

Core competence:
Servicing and maintaining H₂ vehicles, road transport and vehicle construction




Leading special systems manufacturer for the aerospace industry. 30 years of experience in hydrogen valve technology.

Core competence:
Special systems, instrumentation and control technology, hydrogen, IoT



SFC Energy AG

Leading manufacturer of stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions.

Core competence:
Methanol and hydrogen fuel cells

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*For example, a 5 kW hydrogen fuel cell energy solution uses 45.6 tonnes less CO2 than a conventional diesel generator at an assumed annual demand of 43,800 kilowatt hours (kWh). This corresponds to driving a diesel-powered passenger car around 250,000 kilometers.

** Currently being processed