Flexible and reliable power supplies for mobile surveillance trailers

EFOY Partner: LiveView Technologies



LiveView Technologies (LVT) provides remote, full security solutions used by the energy industry, law enforcement, retail, construction, housing and other industries. LVT systems include independent power supply, remote video management system, cameras, lights, sensors and more, all packaged on a trailer and ready for quick and easy deployment.


One of LVT’s key value propositions is the rapid deployability of their security systems to any location – no wires, no internet and no electrical grid needed. Until recently, the company relied on solar panels backed up by diesel generators to power their off-grid security systems. In locations with poor solar capacity, however, this resulted in high diesel consumption and emissions as well as a less autonomous system, since diesel gensets need to be regularly refilled and serviced.


Replace combustion gensets with EFOY Pro 2400 Duo fuel cells (corresponds to latest fuel cell generation EFOY Pro 2800) as backup power to supplement solar production in the LVT security system trailers. By utilizing the EFOY Pro Hybrid Solution, LVT has the benefit of compact, autonomous, dependable and virtually maintenance-free power for their off-grid security system.

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 2800

The EFOY Pro 2800, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

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“EFOY removes our sole dependency on solar power”

We are thrilled to partner with EFOY so we can provide rapidly deployed surveillance that is truly capable of operating anywhere on earth — no power, no internet, no problem. EFOY removes our sole dependency on solar power, so in areas where solar is not a viable option, we can still provide cutting edge security. This advancement in hardware paired with our unmatched cloud-based remote monitoring platform solidifies our position as the market leader in enterprise surveillance.

Derek Boggs, Director Marketing and Demand Generation, LiveView Technologies (LVT)

Advantages at a glance

Increased runtime and fuel efficiency

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells consume 1 – 2 percent of the volume of fuel vs. fuel gas genset technology. This energy autonomy is key for a security system designed for use anywhere from a busy mall parking lot, to a backwoods roadway, to a remote wellsite.

Low maintenance

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells offer reliable and minimal maintenance hybrid power generation for years at a time, significantly reducing annual operating costs.

Perfect complement to solar

When a solar array fails to deliver enough power to maintain batteries, the EFOY senses the voltage drop and automatically switches on to replace the solar shortfall. This keeps the battery bank charged, so LVT equipment always has 100 percent reliable power.

Easy installation and handling

Drop deployable,pre-packaged EFOY system, boxes and housings make for easy handing on site. The spill-proof 60L and 28L fuel cartridges are easy to transport to any location.