Power Supply for CCTV Tower

EFOY partner: Fuel Cell Systems

Client: Wireless CCTV Ltd., Rochdale (UK)

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General information about your application:

WCCTV is a manufacturer and supplier of rapid deployment CCTV towers which provide complete site security for remote sites and compounds. These projects are typically short to medium term construction projects.

Which energy problems or challenges did you have to address?

Remote sites typically do not have mains powering, meaning WCCTV´s systems could only be powered by generators and / or long run batteries. By utilizing EFOY Pro, we are able to offer longer term autonomous deployments meaning our systems were both more flexible and ecologically friendly.

How is the EFOY Pro integrated in your installation?

The EFOY Pro fuel cells are used in hybrid operation with batteries.

The solution:
EFOY Pro fuel cells

EFOY Pro fuel cells are available in various power classes, from 40 W output power for small power systems to a 500 W module for UPS solutions.

more about EFOY Pro fuel cells

“Reliable, easy to use solution”

EFOY Pro offered us a reliable, easy to use solution that offered both long run usage and multiple health and safety benefits from an install / storage / refuel perspective.

Mr Daniel del Soldato, Marketing Manager Wireless CCTV Ltd.

How many EFOYs do you use and do you also combine other alternative power sources?

We have 13 systems that contain two EFOY units (Dual fuel cell) and 40+ that contain a single EFOY Pro. We are able to use solar powering on our systems, however we have only deployed these units in the US and ME.

What are the benefits of using the EFOY in your application?

Utilizing a single EFOY unit in a tower means we are able to offer autonomous power on our systems for up to 8 weeks. This means reduced site visits for engineers to refuel, and more around the clock security for our clients. It also broadens the spectrum of the business opportunities available to us as we are able to provide security to the most remote locations regardless of infrastructure.

EFOY Pro allows WCCTV to be more flexible in the way it provides its complete site security solutions. We are able to install our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers into the most remote locations regardless of existing infrastructure, meaning that more people are able to benefit from the peace of mind and cost savings that our systems deliver. EFOY pro has helped us change the way we do business.