Transportation of energy across multiple critical pipeline risers

Power supply of critical pipeline

EFOY Client: Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), Canada

Cnrl Pipeline Reference ProenergyboxCnrl Pipeline ReferenceCnrl Pipeline Reference Proenergybox2


CNRL has the largest undeveloped land base in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) supported by an extensive owned and operated network of pipelines and facilities. Their North America assets consist of conventional and unconventional natural gas, along with projects in light, medium and heavy crude oil, as well as in situ oil sands and oil sands mining and upgrading production.


In order for pipelines to transport resources across the country, pipelines must sometimes cross rivers. In this case, CNRL needed to ensure the transportation of energy across multiple critical pipeline risers at major river and creek crossings in the Simonette, Latornell and Iroquios areas.

These critical riser stations cross under remote waterways that can only be access via helicopter or ATV/sleds. Located in low, tree-covered areas with limited sun exposure, these risers relied solely on solar energy. There was no other power available.

The solution:
EFOY Pro fuel cells

EFOY Pro fuel cells are available in various power classes, from 40 W output power for small power systems to a 500 W module for UPS solutions.

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“The EFOY has provided reliable power in a difficult application”

Prior to EFOY installation our battery life was as low as five days at certain times of year. We provided SFC with site specific information and they sized our systems accordingly. We now only visit the sites for scheduled PM’s and when we see that the cartridge levels are getting low. This is now scheduled maintenance instead of reactive.

Derek Crittall – Automation, Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL)


CNRL opted to install the EFOY Pro Energy Box — a solution that works in hybrid with solar energy. The Pro Energy Boxes were hauled to the sites by sleds during the winter and ATV’s during the summer. Existing SCADA packs on each site provided CNRL with critical data and ESD enabling them to also pull critical EFOY data such as fuel levels, status, operating hours, etc. SFC Energy’s approval with Transport Canada for sealed fuel containers has also enabled CNRL to deploy fuel via helicopter to their sites when timing is critical.


The EFOY supplies ongoing power to a very critical CNRL pipeline providing 24/7 visibility into their remote sites and allowing CNRL to maintain safe operations without the risk of downtime.

  • Reliable power – utilizes world leading EFOY fuel cell technology to provide self-sufficient reliable power supply
  • Maintenance-free – fully autonomous, sustainable, off-grid solutions
  • Hybrid capabilities – with an integrated solar charge controller
  • Weather-proof – specifically designed to operate in the rugged conditions
  • Temperature control – effective thermostat-controlled temperature regulation prevents freezing and overheating