Video Surveillance in Singapore

EFOY partner: Oneberry Technologies

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General information about the situation

  • High level security is required for an event with over 300,000 spectators in an arena with an immediateperiphery totaling five square kilometers requiring short-term and temporary deployment of turn-key CCTV surveillance.
  • Multiple entrances to the event raises the challenge to overall security and consequently, the complexity of the surveillance infrastructure.
  • Crowd-flow-control requires provision of a secure entry and exit to and from the event.
  • Traffic flow around the perimeter of the event requires real-time vehicle identification.
  • Open platform integration to support video analytics such as facial recognition, license plate recognition and event based detection. -Information on the performance requirements for the fuel cell: Load: 60 W, cont.; 12 V for camera, Wi-Fi Router, controller device

Let us examine how such a complex task was successfully handled by ONEBERRY TECHNOLOGIES:

  • 200 cameras, of which more than 25% are in self-contained energy-autonomous units which address the crucial problem involving off-grid power and blind spots.
  • Security area is divided into several zones with each zone comprising of designated cameras and its temporary command center set up by ONEBERRY TECHNOLOGIES.
  • All Cameras provide a live feed to the HQ Central Command where a dedicated team will view and incorporate necessary measures while simultaneously routing the feeds to a mobile Field Master Command Center on event. This establishes a more robust security system as the feeds are distributed to the temporary 7 zone Command Centers.
  • Each zone temporary command center is fitted with 6 monitors for 2 officers on site.
  • The fuel cell in combination with two M10 fuel cartridges provides reliable power for 16 days.

Which energy problems or challenges did you have to address?

Our solution provides mobile off-grid power around-the-clock as well as real time surveillance without any interruption. It is imperative that our standalone systems are self-powered and independent and operates even under inclement weather as it is not reliant on solar energy and does not require the use of generator sets which are commonly associated with a higher risk of exposed cables, line distortion as well as harmful emission and higher noise levels.

Why did you select EFOY Pro?

We have deployed the EFOY Pro for different applications in our city. The results from the test runs conducted have convinced us to use EFOY Pro fuel cells due to their reliability, silence and compact design. In addition, EFOY Pro fuel cells are easy to operate and do not require any training before usage. Another salient advantage would be that it does not require much maintenance to ensure its smooth operation. In addition, it provides a clean and ecofriendly source of energy.

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 1800

The EFOY Pro 1800, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

more about EFOY Pro 1800

“Having a reliable power source is key”

There are a lot of innovative solutions and technologies in the market, but without power, the solution is useless. Having a reliable power source is key.


How many EFOYs do you use and do you also combine other alternative power sources?

Since 2010, we have used more than 600 EFOY fuel cells for over 5000 deployments to power off-grid surveillance systems in Singapore. Each deployment boasts total reliability and maximum autonomy.

What are the benefits of using the EFOY in your application?

We distinguish ourselves from others as we are able to provide a more efficient and autonomous source of power which is 100% reliable and is essential in maximizing data availability. EFOY Pro is also able to operate autonomously for several weeks, translating to reduced site visits for our staff and uninterrupted security measures put in place for our clients around the clock. EFOY Pro allows us to provide security surveillance even in remote areas which do not have access to grid power. Our surveillance units are able to provide live streams and feeds to the command center in less than 3 hours upon deployment. There has yet to be another security solution at present which can match this.