EFOY Cloud


The EFOY Cloud gives you access to your EFOY Fuel Cells from anywhere so you can monitor continuous operation via laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need for this is an internet connection to your fuel cells.

Activation of your license

The functionality provided by the EFOY Cloud license depends on the level chosen for the particular EFOY. The level is linked to the device. In order to activate a license for an EFOY, a code is provided upon purchase of the corresponding license, whereby entering the code grants access to the designated level for the respective EFOY.

FeaturesIncluded Basic

Firmware update*

Claim your EFOY

Real-time monitoring

Alerts via E-mail

Reset your EFOY

Control your EFOY

Configure the battery and the fuel cartridge(s)

See and export historical data

Delegate rights and roles to other accounts

Rights & Roles

It is possible to specify the "role" of a cloud account and subsequently adjust its functionalities to fit particular needs. Through the allocation of permissions, multiple EFOY Cloud accounts can gain entry to a singular EFOY Fuel Cell. This can allow for joint monitoring of the fuel cell by its owner and a service partner, for instance.

Access and permissions are within the control of the account holder and can only be assigned at the platinum tier. Once the platinum level has been activated via a unique code, the rights of a service partner may be defined.

Get your platinum license for the first 6/12 months for free
with a purchase of a new EFOY

For EFOY 80 / EFOY 150

6 months platinum license included

For EFOY Pro 900 / 1800 / 2800

12 months platinum license included

*No EFOY Cloud account needed, only connection to the internet.