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The EFOY Pro Fuel Cell

The EFOY Pro Fuel Cell is the perfect power generator for a wide range of stationary and mobile industrial applications. The solution generates power reliably for weeks and months and minimises the number of user interventions. Watch the video to discover the many advantages and applications for yourself.

Goodbye Diesel – Hello EFOY

Discover the advantages of the EFOY fuel cell over conventional diesel generators now in our comparison video.

Videos EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Hydrogen power for high power requirements

EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells deliver reliable, powerful and uninterrupted climate-neutral energy for all applications in the high power range. Experience the power of EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells.

H₂Genset – the mobile and emission-free power generator

Thanks to its modular design with integrated EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cells, this power generator on four wheels is designed to meet individual requirements. Convince yourself of clean and quiet power generation with low maintenance requirements and costs.

5397284 kWh

of environmentally friendly energy have been produced by EFOY Fuel Cells since 2008.

EFOY Tutorials

EFOY App + Control Panel

The EFOY Fuel Cell can be operated and monitored via the EFOY App or EFOY Control Panel. Take a look at the different functions and settings.

EFOY Cloud

Find out how you can create your EFOY Cloud account in just a few clicks and operate your fuel cells easily from anywhere.

EFOY Setup

Watch our tutorial on how to setup your EFOY and EFOY Pro for the first time. We show you what you need to pay attention to in order to connect your EFOY correctly.

Refilling EFOY service fluid

In this tutorial we will show you step by step how to easily refill the EFOY service fluid. The service fluid is only required if your fuel cell explicitly draws attention to it with a notice. This may be the case, for example, after the EFOY has not been used for a long time.

H₂Genset refuelling

Watch this detailed video to see how fuelling the H₂Genset with hydrogen looks like.

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