EFOY ProTrailer

EFOY ProTrailer

A trailer based Energy Solution

Application of the EFOY ProTrailer

The EFOY ProTrailer integrates SFC Energy’s popular EFOY Pro fuel cell with up to four solar modules for optimum power flexibility. The combination of fuel cell and solar modules combines the two power sources for optimum cost attractiveness: As long as the sun shines, the required power will be produced exclusively by the solar modules, with zero fuel consumption.

Only when the solar modules will not deliver enough power in bad weather, in the dark season, or in the shadow of a building or a tree, the fuel cells will automatically start operation and fill the power gap. The result: 100 percent reliable power in any weather and season at attractive operating costs. Like all EFOY Pro energy solutions the new EFOY ProTrailer enables extremely long power autonomy without requiring any user attendance. It comes fully equipped with an EFOY Pro 2400 Duo fuel cell, two or four fuel cartridges, up to four solar panels generating up to 1,000 Wp total power, two or four batteries, and a 60 A solar charger, enabling maximum power flexibility as required in the individual application. EFOY ProTrailer can be configured to match the specifications and power requirements of the individual installations.

Advantages of the EFOY ProTrailer

  • Reliable mobile off-grid power source for security & surveillance cameras, communication equipment, oil & gas and traffic management applications
  • Fully automatic power for up to many months without requiring user attendance
  • Hybridization with solar module enables 24/7 power availability at attractive operating costs


For security applications the EFOY ProTrailer can be equipped with cameras with a total load of 70 W (cont.), the EFOY Pro 2400 Duo, four 28 liter M28 fuel cartridges and 560 Wp solar. The annual fuel requirement for this trailer version is approx. 140 liter resp. five fuel cartridges, so that this trailer will operate for almost a full year without requiring any user attendance.

Compared to a solar-only trailer, the new hybrid solution features a number of significant advantages: To supply the identical amount of power a solar-only trailer requires min. 2,500 Wp, compared to only 560 Wp when combined with an EFOY Pro fuel cell. For a power autonomy for five days, a standalone solar system requires ten 220 Ah batteries, each weighing 58 kg (128 lbs), totaling 580 kg (1,280 lbs). A hybrid EFOY ProTrailer requires only four batteries at a total weight of 232 kg (512 lbs).

The major advantage however is that even a fully loaded solar-only trailer cannot ensure reliable power availability in bad weather or winter. With an EFOY Pro fuel cell this reliability can be guaranteed.

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In accordance with the CLP regulation, methanol is classified as toxic and highly flammable substance. Please refer to the safety data sheets for further information.