1. Warranty

SFC provides a limited 24-month warranty for up to 4,500 hours of operation for EFOY Pro fuel cell and covers defects caused by materials or by the manufacturing process. The warranty does not extend to cover improper use of the unit or operation that is not in accordance with the user manual, in particular:

  • if fuel cartridges other than original EFOY fuel cartridges are used
  • inappropriate handling
  • water damage
  • improper transportation
  • as a result of damage by frost
  • if the unit has been opened

This warranty ruling does not apply for EFOY fuel cells from the
leisure series. Only valid in Europe.

2. In Case of Claim

In the event of a fault, the EFOY customer service must becontacted within the warranty period as a fundamental rule. Please indicate the nature of the defect, the device type as well as the serial number.
In order to avoid transport damage, the device must only be returned following consultation with the EFOY customer service. Before dispatching, the RMA number required for dispatch must be obtained from the EFOY customer service. Failure to do so shall result in the sender bearing the risk of any transport
damage incurred.

Returns to the manufacturer must be made via freight. A copy of the original invoice indicating the place and date of purchase must be included as purchase voucher evidencing the warranty entitlement. If the defect is covered by the warranty, the factory shall assume the transportation costs. Should the defect not be
covered by warranty, the manufacturer shall notify the customer, informing the customer of what repair costs the manufacturer shall not assume. The customer shall bear the cost of transportation in this case.