Stationary Power


Power Supply for Stationary, Portable
and Vehicle Based Applications

Reliable off-grid power for long periods of autonomy

The EFOY Pro is the perfect power generator for remote monitoring and data acquisition systems, and also for disaster management equipment. The reason: EFOY Pro fuel cells produce fully automatic, maintenance free energy supply for long periods of time. For example, up to 100 days of autonomy can be achieved when powering a 50 W device. Thanks to the 100 % power reliability provided by the fuel cell, downtime problems and costs of your application are eliminated.
The fuel cell can be remotely controlled and monitored, informing you in time when a fuel cartridge needs to be replaced. This provides you with planning security and you can always be sure that your system is running perfectly.

Significant cost reduction

EFOY Pro fuel cells are a turnkey energy solution: Just place them on your site and integrate them into existing cabinets for reliable, hidden off-grid power. Simply connect the EFOY Pro to your batteries and experience significantly extended autonomy of your applications and reduced on site visits and costs associated with recharging or replacing the batteries.