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As a system solutions provider, SFC Energy is constantly working to develop complete solutions for various requirements. EFOY Pro energy solutions combine power generation via EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cells and energy storage with batteries in a suitable housing. There is still sufficient space for customer-specific adaptations.

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EFOY H₂Cabinets

EFOY H₂Cabinets are turnkey hydrogen power solutions with integrated EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells. The modular concept allows a configuration exactly to your requirements, for example as a stand-alone system, as a backup power system or as an uninterruptible emergency power supply for a power range from 2.5 to 50 kW.

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EFOY H₂Genset

The H₂Genset is a flexible and mobile hydrogen generator for use in areas without access to the conventional power grid, e.g. on construction sites, at outdoor events, for the temporary power supply of telecommunication masts or as a mobile emergency power supply in the event of catastrophes.

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EFOY H₂PowerPack

The stationary and mobile energy solution H₂PowerPack with an integrated hydrogen fuel cell delivers an output of 50 kW and can be clustered up to 200 kW. With the standard CEE plug, the 300 bar hydrogen interface and the integrated display, the H₂PowerPack is easy to operate and can be used plug & play.

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EFOY ProCube

The EFOY ProCube is available in the two versions EFOY ProCube 2030A and EFOY ProCube 2060A. Simply combine the EFOY ProCube with the right EFOY Pro fuel cell, battery and fuel cartridge for your requirements. No modification or integration is required. The EFOY ProCube is perfect for applications outdoors and for covert operations.

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EFOY ProEnergyBox

The EFOY ProEnergyBox has been especially developed for extreme cold weather conditions. Effective temperature regulation means that the waste heat from the EFOY Pro fuel cell can be used when the temperature is below zero to keep the energy solution warm and to prevent the battery and electronics from freezing. For high ambient temperatures, an effective heat conduction system has been implemented to protect the components in the EnergyBox from heat.

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EFOY ProCabinet

The EFOY ProCabinet is an insulated -40°C rated Nema3R outdoor energy solution for remote off-grid power supply. This completely integrated Pro Hybrid solution includes an EFOY Fuel Cell, fuel cartridges, battery bank, solar charge controller, power distribution and optional extended side cabinet for integrated of customer equipment for a single drop deployable solution.

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EFOY ProEnergyCase

The EFOY ProEnergyCase is a portable, maintenance-free, all-in-one solution for grid-independent power supplies. The robust housing and fast setup process means that the EFOY ProEnergyCase is ready for use at any time and in any location.

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EFOY ProTrailer

The EFOY Pro fuel cell, with up to four solar modules, is integrated in the EFOY ProTrailer. The hybridisation of fuel cell and solar modules combines these two power generators in a cost-effective way. This is how the EFOY ProTrailer ensures maximum supply flexibility for the application in question.

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EFOY ProShelter

The robust, specially developed EFOY ProShelter contains EFOY Pro fuel cells in a 15 cm thick insulated container including fuel cartridges, battery storage, solar charge controller, power distribution panel and sufficient space for the integration of customer equipment in the interior. This complete solution ensures high autonomy in extreme weather conditions.

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Customer-specific solutions

Every project has specific requirements. We offer you the perfectly adapted energy solution. Depending on requirements, we will carry out specific adjustments or develop a customer-specific solution based on your needs.

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“Power in any weather”

Previously, we were not able to guarantee a reliable power supply using only solar power. The effort to replace batteries is significant. With the EFOY Pro, we are not only sure that the system has power in any weather but we also save a lot of money by not laying power cables.

Eric Recht, Hydroservices France

Quiet and environmentally friendly

The EFOY Pro helps to reduce particle emissions owing to its environmentally friendly operation.

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Questions and answers about EFOY Pro energy solutions

What is the temperature range in which the fuel cell operates?

EFOY fuel cells can be operated in a temperature range from -20 °C to +40 °C. EFOY Pro fuel cells are even designed for temperatures up to +50 °C. Should you require a power source to operate under more extreme conditions please contact us.


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How does the EFOY Pro fuel cell work?

The EFOY Pro fuel cell converts the fuel in the fuel cartridge direct into electrical current. Thanks to this direct conversion, which is performed with no moving parts, silent and environmentally friendly, the fuel cell is extremely efficient, clean and environmentally friendly.

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Where can I buy an EFOY Pro fuel cell?

Please contact us directly. We will recommend you the suitable EFOY Pro Partner.

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