Security & surveillance

Reliable, off-grid power supplies for surveillance systems

Stationary surveillance

Stationary audio and video surveillance systems are used to protect and monitor infrastructures, for border control, for security during events and to watch animals and plants in the wild. They are often installed and operated covertly. The EFOY Pro offers the perfect solution.

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Mobile surveillance

Many service vehicles require off-grid power for covert investigations and object protection for days and weeks. With the EFOY Pro, the reliable, off-grid power supply is guaranteed for weeks.

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360° surveillance

The EFOY Pro ensures a reliable, off-grid power supply for 360° camera systems which are used mainly for big events to protect the attendees or on building sites to prevent theft.

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Complete energy solutions for
security & surveillance

Independent, silent power supply

Security applications – whether stationary or mobile surveillance in vehicles – require an independent, reliable and, ideally, noise-free power supply. Semi-stationary and stationary surveillance systems also need to be able to operate without interruptions in places where there is no mains connection. In service vehicles, the power supply to electrical consumers also needs to be ensured for long periods while the vehicle’s engine is switched off. Service vehicles require increased flexibility, without attention being drawn during covert operations.

SFC fuel cells for covert investigations

For surveillance missions and covert operations, SFC Energy supplies fuel cells for vehicle integration. These systems provide a reliable power supply to electronic equipment in emergency, command and multi-purpose vehicles, extend the operating period and minimise the risk of being detected based on the sound and heat signature. SFC fuel cells are available both as industrial equipment and as toughened versions for military use.

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