Security and surveillance solutions

Stationary surveillance

Stationary audio and video surveillance systems are used to protect and monitor infrastructures, for border control, for security during events and to watch animals and plants in the wild. They are often installed and operated covertly. The EFOY Pro offers the perfect solution.

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Mobile surveillance

Many service vehicles require off-grid power for covert investigations and object protection for days and weeks. With the EFOY Pro, the reliable, off-grid power supply is guaranteed for weeks.

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360° surveillance

The EFOY Pro ensures a reliable, off-grid power supply for 360° camera systems which are used mainly for big events to protect the attendees or on building sites to prevent theft.

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Complete energy solutions for
security & surveillance

Independent, silent power supply

Security applications – whether stationary or mobile surveillance in vehicles – require an independent, reliable and, ideally, noise-free power supply. Semi-stationary and stationary surveillance systems also need to be able to operate without interruptions in places where there is no mains connection. In service vehicles, the power supply to electrical consumers also needs to be ensured for long periods while the vehicle’s engine is switched off. Service vehicles require increased flexibility, without attention being drawn during covert operations.

SFC fuel cells for covert investigations

For surveillance missions and covert operations, SFC Energy supplies fuel cells for vehicle integration. These systems provide a reliable power supply to electronic equipment in emergency, command and multi-purpose vehicles, extend the operating period and minimise the risk of being detected based on the sound and heat signature. SFC fuel cells are available both as industrial equipment and as toughened versions for military use.

Security and surveillance solutions

Security and surveillance solutions play a significant role in society, from enforcing the law to protecting businesses. Video and audio surveillance involves monitoring certain activities, places or people for safety or security reasons. Increasingly, it employs the latest technological advances.

Below, we review why security surveillance cameras play a central role in business operations, crime investigation and public order. Please read on to discover more about security and surveillance solutions, including crucial deployment considerations and power supply requirements.

Growth in the security and surveillance solutions sector

According to information published by Statista, the global market for surveillance equipment could well reach $62.6 billion by the end of 2023 [1]. Infrastructure applications look set to exceed a third (36 per cent) of this impressive sales volume. Furthermore, industry forecasts expect security and surveillance solutions sales to exceed $74bn globally during 2025, triple the market size of 2016.

Reasons for the importance of security and surveillance solutions

We need to look no further than crime investigation to understand why security and surveillance solutions are important. Video surveillance equipment is also a highly effective tool in business, where the benefits include reduced theft and fewer incidents of vandalism.

Surveillance security equipment monitors visitors, protects employees and deters intruders. As accountants quickly appreciate, these security and surveillance solutions reduce the need to hire additional staff. Coupled with remote monitoring control apps and mobile surveillance, security and surveillance solutions enable visual supervision of businesses and round-the-clock security every day of the year.

Frequent applications of security and surveillance solutions

Security surveillance is possible in three modes: stationary, mobile or 360°. Sometimes installed and operated covertly, audio surveillance equipment and security cameras are useful for:

  • Protecting infrastructure, also known as infra monitoring [2]
  • Controlling borders.
  • Monitoring event perimeters.
  • Carrying out investigations.
  • Watching or recording animals or plants in the wild.

Mobile security and surveillance applications include object protection, customs enforcement and portable radar camera operations. Though sometimes short term, such procedures might require off-grid power supplies that last for weeks. Often, they use specially adapted vehicles equipped with a remote system monitor as command posts.

What is the useful life of security and surveillance solutions?

Stationary technical surveillance hardware should last several years until obsolescence. In contrast, remote surveillance cameras require regular battery changes or longer-lasting power supplies.

Power from photovoltaic panels draws attention to monitoring points, so an alternative PSU (power supply unit) may be necessary. Additionally, remote stationary surveillance solutions often operate covertly, perhaps camouflaged or buried. Because their connection to a mains electricity grid is impractical, these security solutions nearly always need independent supplies.

Minimum energy requirements are between 25 and 50 Watts. Characteristically, the power rating for even the best surveillance camera is around 15W. This consumption rises to around 150W for a typical multi-channel video surveillance system with retransmission and infra-red image processing for remote monitoring at night.[3]

Outdoor surveillance cameras usually need to operate for ten to twenty-four hours per day. Similarly, circumstances may call for spying equipment or remote monitoring technologies to function for as long as three months without apparent intervention, especially during covert surveillance missions.

Thus, finding a genuinely self-sufficient supply represents a challenge when designing security and surveillance solutions. Moreover, even high-specification batteries have a relatively short life, requiring regular or frequent intervention to replace discharged cells.

For the above reasons, stable sources of independent power are necessary.

Power for security and surveillance solutions

Now, longer-lasting fuel cells are a realistic alternative in deploying various security and surveillance solutions. The EFOY Pro range is suitable for supplying dependable, off-grid power to today’s security solutions. It is perfect for 360° camera surveillance systems in various scenarios, whether at significant events to protect the attendees or on building sites to prevent theft. The fuel cells work as well with security and surveillance solutions as with speed camera Radar Pro devices.

The range is fully compatible with security and surveillance solutions that require up to 500 Watts of power per day (Up to 2500 W if 5 EFOY Pro 12000 are clustered). The fuel cells are vandalism-resistant and suitable for use in covert security solutions.

Other advantages of EFOY Pro cells include:

  • Total reliability and safety.
  • Quiet or silent operation.
  • Compact in size and light in weight.
  • Long autonomy: almost maintenance-free.
  • Remote monitoring features.
  • Environmentally friendly composition.
  • Other considerations when implementing mobile security and surveillance solutions.

Battery power is insufficient when operating vehicle or trailer-based mobile security and surveillance solutions. However, starting the engine or firing up a generator compromises operations or causes other problems. Instead, using a fuel cell increases flexibility without drawing attention to covert operations.

EFOY fuel cells fit easily into a standard car and should generate little or no signature. It is possible to connect single or dual fuel cells directly to onboard vehicle batteries and maintain full charge as and when required. The devices provide power at a potential of 12 Volts or 24V DC or 230/240V AC via an inverter.

EFOY Pro fuel cells are especially suitable for professional surveillance equipment and critical security solutions. Available in various specifications, outputs range from 45 Watts for small-scale security and surveillance solutions to a 500 W module designed for more extensive infra monitoring tools. Alternatively, cluster controllers can connect five Pro fuel cells to deliver up to 2.5 Kilowatts [3].


As we have seen, mobile and temporary surveillance solutions lack access to mains power. However, it is not usually possible to use portable electricity generators due to the noise and emissions. Moreover, solar power panels are impractical in covert surveillance solutions due to their tell-tale appearance. Even in fixed installations, lack of space or shade from adjacent buildings or structures can often be problematic.

The EFOY Pro range of small, lightweight and flexible fuel units provides clean power for today’s surveillance solutions. Robustly built, these innovative energy sources meet the demanding requirements of speed camera radar, law enforcement and security tasks.

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