EFOY Pro fuel cells for CCTV-Tower

Off-grid 24/7 surveillance at the G7 summit

EFOY Client: Wireless CCTV Ltd.
EFOY Partner: Fuel Cell Systems Ltd.

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Point of departure

WCCTV is the UK’s leading provider of rapidly deployable mobile CCTV systems. Their systems transmit live and recorded video over the 4G mobile network. WCCTV was commissioned to provide 24/7 surveillance of the G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK. The summit brought together global leaders including the Prime Minister of the UK, the President of the USA and the German chancellor to discuss the most pressing challenges facing us all, from climate change to tackling the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Given the high profile nature of the event, the requirement to deliver robust, 24/7 security services was of paramount importance to the event organisers. The locations where CCTV was needed had no fixed infrastructure to mount a CCTV camera, to run internet cabling or to supply power. The client needed a CCTV solution that was self-mounted, wireless and power independent. The event took place over 7 days.

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 2800

The EFOY Pro 2800, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

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“The solution is typically up to 85% cheaper than guards.”

The EFOY Pro allows WCCTV to provide temporary and rapid deployment CCTV services in the most remote locations in a cost effective and reliable manner. We have utilised the EFOY Pro fuel cell solution for close to 10 years to provide power to our CCTV Towers. We have found the solution to be reliable and perfectly adapted to our requirements.

Daniel del Soldato, Wireless CCTV Ltd.


As part of the overall security solution WCCTV was contracted to provide 21 Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers, including one EFOY Pro fuel cell for each tower, to provide 24/7 surveillance at the summit. The provision of security ran prior to, and during, the week-long event. Due to their competitive advantage in providing autonomous power and data transmission (EFOY fuel cell technology backed by renewable solar energy), the WCCTV Towers could be placed at strategic locations regardless of existing infrastructure.


This level of flexibility was invaluable to the event organisers and allowed for optimal CCTV coverage. The WCCTV Towers powered by EFOY Pro fuel cells provided ongoing situational awareness, retrospective review opportunities and acted as a visible security presence.

WCCTV have utilised the EFOY Pro fuel cell solutions for close to 10 years to provide power to their CCTV Towers. Typically, they utilise solar power as a primary power source, with EFOY Pro as a fall-back, with a fail-safe battery.

"The key benefit is that we are able to deliver CCTV to the most remote locations. This helps our clients save money as their only alternative would be to utilise manned guarding. Our solution is typically up to 85% cheaper than guards.", says Daniel del Soldato from Wireless CCTV.