SFC Energy Academy

Become an SFC expert and know-how carrier

The SFC Energy Academy serves as a comprehensive educational platform. It provides a wide range of learning resources, including learning videos, webinars, and informative documents. At the same time, it promotes international knowledge exchange within the entire SFC Energy network. This provides an outstanding opportunity for ongoing education in various areas related to the products and the company. In addition to these digital offerings, the Academy also includes classroom training sessions. These enable an intensive examination of the various products and their functions.


The available webinars are web-based live videoconferences that can be joined online after registration. The webinars are designed to help you learn more about a wide variety of areas related to EFOY products and to further your education as an SFC Expert. The SFC Academy offers a variety of different webinars to cover the whole spectrum.

Customer Onboarding Webinar

Product Insights & Training

After your purchase, we invite you to participate in one of our onboarding webinars. These webinars will help you get familiar with the product. This includes installation instructions, an introduction to the EFOY Cloud, an explanation of the service tool and much more.


Ask-Me-Anything Webinar

Question, Answer & Feedback Session

The virtual customer conference creates a space for exchange among industry leaders from different sectors. Various trends will be discussed to ensure that SFC Energy can optimally adapt and develop to meet the needs of its partners and customers. The ‘Ask-Me-Anything’ (AMA) webinars serve to clarify open questions from customers. These questions are collected in advance during registration.

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Our training courses are either available online or can be attended on-site at our headquarters in Brunnthal or at our partners’ facilities. These training courses are intensively dedicated to a variety of topics in order to build up expertise in the respective area through the chosen intensive course. As a result, you can expect optimal support and customized training.

Training Workshops

Training workshops provide a step-by-step explanation of different topics. These workshops help you build a deep understanding of how to use your product without any problems. The focus is on common customer questions and problems.

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Explore our complete selection of learning videos, diverse webinars, and informative materials that will help answer your questions and fill in knowledge gaps.

Goodbye Diesel

EFOY is gradually being installed as an alternative energy supply and offers low-maintenance operation compared to conventional diesel generators.

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EFOY Cloud

With the EFOY Cloud, you can access your EFOY fuel cells from anywhere and monitor ongoing operation via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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EFOY Setup

We’ll guide you step by step through the process of setting up your EFOY Pro for the first time. Learn what you need to pay attention to in order to connect your EFOY properly.

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Energy calculator

You can use the EFOY energy calculator to precisely calculate your energy requirements. Taking into account any energy yields from solar systems, you will receive a recommendation as to which fuel cell is right for you.

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Easy installation

EFOY Pro fuel cells are turnkey energy solutions: simply set them up at the site of use, integrate them into boxes or control cabinets, connect the fuel cartridge and battery, and you’ll have reliable, off-grid power wherever you go.

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You have questions about our fuel cells? Just send us your question via our contact form or give us a call.

Hotline throughout Europe & Asia

+49 89 673 592-555

Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00

Free* hotline in Europe

00800 / 732 762 78

*From landlines in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.

Firmware Update

By installing the latest firmware, you can benefit from our most recent developments and your EFOY Pro fuel cell is always kept up-to-date. The update is simple and uncomplicated.

Firmware Update

Service Tool

Do you receive a message from your fuel cell and want to know what it means?

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All answers to typical questions can be found in our FAQ section: warranty and repair, installation, fuel cartridges, temperature etc.

Questions & Answers

Warranty conditions

SFC Energy AG grants a warranty for your EFOY Pro fuel cell. Detailed information about the warranty in your country can be found here or in our downloads