Wind industry

The best energy solution for off-grid wind measurements and lighting of obstructions

Lighting of obstructions

For safety reasons, the uninterrupted power supply of obstruction lighting and lubricant pumps during the construction phase and during maintenance work is indispensable for wind power plants. The EFOY Pro helps to reliably operate these.

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Wind measurement

Wind measurement systems in locations of potential wind farms require a reliable, off-grid power supply of up to 12 months which is ensured with the EFOY Pro.

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Complete energy solutions for the wind industry

Off-grid power for wind applications

Within the wind industry, many applications require long-term, off-grid and reliable power which can be guaranteed with EFOY Pro fuel cells. Wind measurement systems such as LiDAR, SOLAR and masts need a constant power supply. This is also the case for obstruction lighting and pumps, especially during the construction phase and extended maintenance intervals.

Conventional generators have to be re-fuelled frequently to remain in regular operation. Additionally, they are not very environmentally friendly. Batteries have to be replaced every two to three days. Solar cells do not always deliver the required quantity of energy either.

Reliable power in the wind industry

EFOY Pro fuel cells supply the required energy without maintenance and in an environmentally friendly way, for several weeks or even months, without any user intervention The compact EFOY Pro fuel cell can be integrated in weather-proof outdoor boxes, in trailers or cabinets.

EFOY energy solutions by SFC Energy AG supply electrical energy to measurement and early-warning systems, military applications, traffic management systems, caravans, yachts and much more. Get in touch with us. We are happy to give you advice with your individual requirements and requests.