EFOY Cloud

With EFOY Cloud, you can access your EFOY Fuel Cells from anywhere and monitor ongoing operation via laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection to your fuel cells.

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Remote monitoring with EFOY Cloud

Most EFOY Fuel Cells are used in remote locations and require the option of secure remote access.
Have a look at our step-by-step introduction guide and set up your EFOY Cloud access in just a few clicks.

Remote monitoring with the EFOY Cloud

Keep an eye on everything – anytime and anywhere

Keep track of the current operating status of each of your fuel cells, historical data or fill levels of EFOY fuel cartridges, for example. Configure battery parameters as required and receive firmware updates fully automatically. Automated warning messages can inform you via email about upcoming fuel cartridge changes or if the battery voltage falls below the limit.

Top features
of the EFOY Cloud at a glance

Live status

Find out all the important details about your EFOY Fuel Cell: Level of fuel in the cartridges, operating status, voltage, power output and many more!

Adjustment of the charging parameters

Conveniently optimize the charging parameters remotely and avoid unnecessary service trips.

Data analysis & data export

View past charging processes and activities of the EFOY Fuel Cell clearly in a diagram and export data to plan future use even better.

Rights & roles

Assign rights or roles to specific people or defined user groups in your team, such as internal or external service technicians, and improve your EFOY support.

Warning notifications

Always stay informed about important events in your EFOY Fuel Cell: Be notified individually according to your settings, e.g. when the fuel cartridges are low or the connection is interrupted, as well as error messages.

Remote support

Get support from service technicians in the control center when configuring important parameters.

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We are continuously optimizing the EFOY Cloud to offer you innovative functions.

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All details of your EFOY Fuel Cell at a glance

We offer you a secure solution

When developing the EFOY Cloud, the security of the application is our top priority. This also includes compliance with the latest standards for system architecture, data protection and access management. For this reason, the EFOY Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which offers a wide range of security applications and functions.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is hosted in data centers managed and operated by Microsoft. These data centers are geographically separated from each other. They meet crucial industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and NIST SP 800-53 for maximum security and reliability.
The servers that SFC Energy uses for Microsoft Azure are located in Europe and meet European compliance requirements.

More information about Microsoft Azure

Communication protocols

The EFOY Fuel Cells from SFC Energy communicate with the EFOY Cloud platform via the secure MQTT protocol (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). The security of the transmission is guaranteed by a TLS protocol in accordance with the TLS 1.2 standard signature algorithm. Communication between the EFOY fuel cells and the EFOY Cloud is hashed and signed using ECDSA (Eliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm).

Secure login and connection

SFC Energy ensures a secure login and connection to the EFOY Cloud by implementing Auth0. Auth0 is certified according to ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and SOC 2 Type 2 by a third party. It complies with HIPPA and GDPR regulations.

More information about Auth0

EFOY Cloud License

The functions of the EFOY Cloud depend on the license level selected for the corresponding EFOY Fuel Cell. Each license level is specifically linked to the respective device.

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