Oil & gas

100% autonomous and reliable power supplies for oil & gas applications

SCADA systems

SCADA communications and control equipment is reliably supplied with power around the clock, thanks to EFOY Pro fuel cells.

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Pipeline safety

EFOY Pro fuel cells ensure off-grid power supplies for CCTV systems in order to guarantee reliable monitoring of pipelines.

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Chemical injection pump

Reliable operation of chemical injection pumps in remote locations, even in rough weather and climate conditions.

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Complete energy solutions for oil & gas

Fuel cells for oil & gas applications

In winter, in particular, solar modules, generators and batteries quickly reach their limits. A secure power supply is important, especially in the oil & gas industry. Interruptions to the power supply caused by low temperatures, production loss and additional repairs needed to continue production, should be prevented. Re-configuration of control software parameters is also an unnecessary, additional effort that can be avoided.

Reliable power in the oil & gas sector

EFOY Pro fuel cells ensure the reliable operation of your system, while protecting the environment at the same time. No service costs for replacing batteries in remote locations or repairs of generators that halt production. EFOY Pro fuel cells require no maintenance after installation – only the fuel cartridge needs to be replaced every now and then. You can even plan and control this remotely with a modem.