SCADA systems

100% autonomous and reliable power supplies in the oil & gas sector

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SCADA communications and control equipment enable monitoring and control of production, e.g. of flow rates, liquid levels, valve settings etc.

Output requirement Between 5 and 20 W
Power requirement About 120 to 480 Wh/day
Autonomy requirement At least 4 months without user intervention, especially in winter

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges is a reliable power supply for 24 hours, in particular in winter, with little sunlight and low temperatures. Interruptions to the power supply that cause system failure and loss of production and, in the worst case scenario, require a repair team on site, should be prevented. Continuing production and a repair team having to re-configure the control software parameters create unnecessarily high costs.

More oil and gas applications

Pipeline safety
Chemical injection pump

The solution:
EFOY Pro 2800

A combination of existing solar modules and batteries with an EFOY Pro 2800 for the reliable and flexible provision of off-grid power, integrated into a relevant housing for dependable operation, even in extreme winter conditions.

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Cost savings

Save money and ensure your power supply in any weather at the same time. Properly installed and equipped with sufficient fuel, the EFOY Pro will reliably produce off-grid power in any weather, in any climate and at any time of the year. High production loss costs can therefore be avoided.

Discover more benefits

“Replacing the fuel cartridge is child’s play”

Once a year, we replace the fuel cartridges in our 3 EFOY units. I had never done this, so I was curious about how the exchange worked. I expected that changing it would be complicated and I would come into contact with methanol.

I was very pleasantly surprised that each canister has a safety valve and that no methanol escapes when the fuel cartridges are replaced, making it extremely easy.

Terry Krushel, Sr. Staff Control Tech - Shell Canada Ltd, (CA)

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