Pipeline safety

100% autonomous and reliable power supplies in the oil & gas sector

Pipeline safety application example

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Mobile and stationary audio and video surveillance systems are there to protect and monitor pipelines and other important infrastructure.

Power requirement Between 600 and 2400 Wh/day

The challenge

Important infrastructure such as pipelines have to be protected from vandalism and theft. So that CCTV systems can be positioned flexibly in any location where surveillance is required, they need to be equipped with a reliable power supply for off-grid operation. This can be very expensive if the location has to be connected to the public power grid, combined with a high administrative effort and long-term planning.

The solution:
EFOY Pro fuel cells

Flexible provision of an off-grid power supply with an EFOY Pro fuel cell or a hybrid solution made up of EFOY Pro and existing solar modules.

More about EFOY Pro

Long autonomy & cost savings

EFOY Pro fuel cells supply off-grid power for months, without maintenance, even in remote locations. A 50 W CCTV application, for example, can be autonomously operated for up to 50 days. Huge expenses caused by connecting to the public power grid can be avoided.

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“The best choice!”

Husky is committed to working in an environmentally friendly way. The EFOY Pro fuel cell, in a hybrid combination with solar power, is the best choice for this.

We have decided to choose this solution because it works reliably year-round, makes do with minimal fuelling in rough winters, and represents an energy source with low CO2 emissions. The overall life cycle costs are also ideal compared with other alternative solutions.

Dennis Hopper, Pipeline Integrity Technologist - Husky Energy (Alberta, Canada)


The EFOY Pro is lightweight and compact, and can therefore be used flexibly and smoothly wherever power is required at the time. It can be installed in existing control cabinets or outdoor boxes with little effort – safe from theft and vandalism.

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EFOY energy solutions used worldwide

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