Reliable, off-grid power supply for continuous data and voice transmission

Continuous power supply for telecommunications equipment

The EFOY Pro reliably supplies relay stations in hard-to-access locations with power so that telecommunications signals can also be transmitted in remote areas.

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Back-up power supply for telecommunications equipment

Base transceiver stations (BTS) are often located in areas with difficult access. They need a reliable back-up power supply in case of power failure so that the availability of public communications systems is guaranteed at all times. A reliable back-up power supply is guaranteed with the EFOY Pro fuel cell.

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Complete energy solutions
for telecommunications

Reliable power in remote locations

Relay stations are often located in areas with difficult access because they transmit telecommunications signals to remote places. EFOY Pro fuel cells, in combination with solar modules, wind generators or batteries, ensure autonomous, off-grid power, even in remote areas.

Critical infrastructure, such as digital radio for authorities and organisations with security roles, must continue to be supplied with unlimited power in the event of a mains grid failure. With the EFOY Pro 12000 Duo, an uninterruptible power supply is guaranteed and large banks of batteries can be avoided.

Maintenance-free energy for telecommunications

EFOY Pro fuel cells do not need much space. They can be integrated into existing control cabinets. After installation, they require no maintenance. Only the fuel cartridges have to be replaced every now and then, which can be planned and calculated in advance. The fuel cell can be controlled via a modem, which saves you having to go out to the location.

Off-grid power, whenever and wherever you need it:

  • Extended operating time & autonomy
  • 100 % reliable
  • Easy installation, convenient operation
  • Reduced logistics costs