Remote Broadband Power Solution

Customer: Seaside Highspeed, Neuschottland (Canada)

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The Application

Off-Grid Broadband Communication towers on a remote island off the coast of Nova Scotia using Solar for a Primary power supply with a Diesel Genset back-up.

The Challenge

The site is on an island that can be very difficult or next to impossible to get to depending on the season, and see‘s alot of fog and not much sun in winter. There is a diesel generator there presently for backup, but it‘s a headache starting in the cold, dealing with fuel, etc.

The solution:
EFOY Pro fuel cells

EFOY Pro fuel cells are available in various power classes, from 40 W output power for small power systems to a 500 W module for UPS solutions.

more about EFOY Pro fuel cells

“Fuel cell has been running perfectly!”

Fuel cell has been running perfectly, not a single issue, so well that I actually had to make a trip into the site about a month ago to make sure everything was all right. That site has gone from weekly winter maintenance trips to literally none. And in winter 2015 it was bad down this way. Only used about 1.5 jugs of methanol up to that point, a far cry from the 100‘s of liters of diesel fuel we had used previously.

Brain Kelly, Seaside Highspeed (Canada)

The Benefits

Increased Runtime & Autonomy

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells offer fully autonomous and maintenance free hybrid power generation for several months or years at a time significantly reducing yearly operating costs.

100 % Reliability in extreme weather conditions

Built in anti-freeze protection and automatic voltage sensing to ensure battery bank remains charged and power is available at all times so long as the system has methanol available.

Maintenance Free

No maintenance required throughout the lifespan of the Fuel Cell aside from re-fueling on a yearly basis.

Easy Installation & Handling

Drop deployable Nema 3R -40 °C rated pre-packed solutions or simple integration into standard 19” rack units inside existing equipment shelter. 28 L Fuel Cartridges are light, spillproof, rated for air transport and are easy to transport to even the most remote site!