EFOY ProTrailer

Trailer-based complete energy solution

Maximum supply flexibility

The EFOY Pro fuel cell, with up to four solar modules, is integrated in the EFOY ProTrailer. The hybridisation of fuel cell and solar modules combines these two power generators in a cost-effective way. Only if sufficient power is no longer generated via the solar panel, for example, in bad weather, during winter or in the shade, will the fuel cell turn on fully automatically to take over the power supply. This saves operating costs. As with all EFOY Pro energy solutions, the new EFOY ProTrailer offers extremely long power autonomy without any need for user intervention and it can be configured to suit the customer’s requirements.

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Can be controlled remotely

The EFOY Pro fuel cell can be monitored and controlled via a modem (remote monitoring).

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What is the temperature range in which the fuel cell operates?

EFOY fuel cells can be operated in a temperature range from -20 °C to +40 °C. EFOY Pro fuel cells are even designed for temperatures up to +50 °C. Should you require a power source to operate under more extreme conditions please contact us.


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Can I connect electrical appliances direct to the EFOY Pro fuel cell?

No. The EFOY Pro fuel cell is a battery charger. Electrical appliances are supplied with power by the battery.

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