Traffic technology

Reliable and off-grid power in traffic technology

Road weather stations

The EFOY Pro supplies road weather stations with power in order to reliably measure precipitation, temperature on roads and bridges as well as the potential for ice. This improves road safety, and accidents can be prevented.

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Radar cameras

In off-grid locations, stationary and mobile radar cameras are reliably supplied with power by the EFOY Pro. With its help, speed limits can be enforced and traffic safety can be increased.

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Complete energy solutions for traffic safety

More safety in road traffic

In areas with frequent accidents, mains power is often not available. If a camera needs to be set up, reliable power will be required. Laying power cables usually costs several thousand Euros per kilometre and it requires a high administrative effort as well as long-term planning. The same applies to road weather stations which measure precipitation and temperatures on roads and bridges in order to recognise the risk of ice, therefore improving safety on roads and preventing accidents.

Traffic safety in any weather

EFOY Pro fuel cells are the perfect energy solution when power supply is required for traffic technology. They reliably supply your traffic management systems with power – no matter what the current weather conditions. The fuel cell can simply be integrated into a control cabinet where it can supply existing batteries with power or be combined with solar modules. Reduce administrative costs and effort. Instead, receive long autonomy and high reliability.

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