Radar cameras

Reliable, off-grid power for more traffic safety

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Stationary and mobile radar cameras are used to enforce speed limits and for increased traffic safety, in cities as well as in the countryside.

Output requirement Between 50 and 125 W
Power requirement About 1200 to 3000 Wh/day

The challenge

In areas with frequent accidents, mains power is often not available. If a camera needs to be set up, reliable, off-grid power will be required. Laying a power cable can cost up to 20,000 Euros per kilometre and it requires a high administrative effort as well as long-term planning.

More traffic technologies

Road weather stations

The solution:
EFOY fuel cells

Reliable, off-grid power with an EFOY/EFOY Pro or a hybrid combination made up of an fuel cell and an existing solar energy system.

More about EFOY fuel cells

Easy installation

The EFOY Pro is compact and flexible in use. It can be integrated into existing control cabinets with little effort or used in an outdoor box – protected from theft and vandalism.

Discover more benefits

“With the EFOY Pro fuel cell, we have found the right solution!”

The hybrid solution made up of solar module and fuel cell for our remote controlled speed cameras convinced us. After a successful test phase, our nationwide customer installed several roadside speed cameras everywhere in the country. They get their power from the EFOY Pro fuel cell in combination with solar modules. Our customer is thrilled by this solution that uses renewable energies! The speed cameras set up in areas with a lot of accidents represent a win for our customer: Constant availability of the systems, complete remote monitoring and low logistics costs. With the EFOY Pro fuel cell, we have found the right solution!

Roberto Ruiz, Tradesegur, Spain

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