Reliable Power,
Anytime, Anywhere.

How does our fuel cell work?

100 % reliable

Thanks to the EFOY Pro, your power supply is 100 % guaranteed in any weather and at all times of the year even when grid power is not available.

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Long autonomy, maintenance-free

EFOY Pro fuel cells supply off-grid power for months, fully automatically – without any user intervention and without any maintenance.

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Remote Monitoring & Control

The EFOY Pro fuel cell can be monitored and controlled via a modem through integrated Modbus.

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Lightweight and compact

The EFOY Pro fuel cell only weighs 9 kg so it is easy to transport and integrate into any control cabinet.

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Quiet and environmentally friendly

Thanks to environmentally friendly power generation, the EFOY Pro can be used in sensitive environments as well as in closed vehicles and rooms.

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Cost savings

The EFOY Pro fuel cell reduces field labor and logistics costs thanks to its long autonomy and zero-maintenance requirements.

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Waste heat,
water vapour + minimal CO2


The perfect power supply for your application

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100% reliable power

The EFOY Pro fuel cell constantly monitors the state of charge of the batteries and automatically maintains them when the voltage drops. This means your application has a fully reliable power supply in any weather, in any location, at all times of the year.

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Overview of EFOY Pro models

EFOY Pro 800 Duo

Power output
45 W

Nominal voltage
12 V DC / 24 V DC

88.3 kg

2 fuel connnectors


EFOY Pro 2400 Duo

Power output
110 W

Nominal voltage
12 V DC / 24 V DC

99.3 kg

2 fuel connnectors


EFOY Pro 12000 Duo

Power output
500 W

Nominal voltage
24 V DC / 48 V DC

32 kg



Find the right model

Your continuous output requirement

1 kW

days autonomous*

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For output requirements > 800 Watts, we are happy to advise you personally.

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The perfect energy solution for your needs

* If a continuous output requirement of xxx is needed, you can have autonomous, off-grid, reliable power for xxx days with xxx and two connected fuel cartridges.

Find the right model for your output requirements:

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Easy installation

EFOY Pro fuel cells are turnkey power supply solutions: just set them up where you need power, integrate them into boxes or control cabinets, connect the fuel cartridge and battery and you will immediately have reliable off-grid power anywhere.

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EFOY energy solutions used worldwide

EFOY Pro distribution partner worldwide

Safe fuel cell for reliable power

Reliable Power All Year Round

EFOY Pro off-grid power solutions are used anywhere that solar, diesel generators and batteries reach the limits of their capabilities: SFC Energy fuel cell solutions provide power in a reliable, environmentally friendly and quiet manner for safe, interruption-free equipment operation throughout temperatures from -40°C to +50°C. EFOY Pro fuel cells can be integrated into weather-proof boxes, control cabinets, trailers or vehicles as a standalone power supply or in hybrid configuration with solar or wind generation.


Fuel cells with long autonomy

24/7/365 Autonomous Operation

SFC Energy offers a variety of adaptable integrated solutions for remote off-grid power applications. Portable and stationary integrated EFOY Pro solutions can be used to provide fully autonomous field device operation where no grid power is available. Months of system autonomy provided by standalone EFOY solutions can be extended to years of autonomy with our fully integrated EFOY Pro Hybrid power solutions.

The EFOY Pro fuel cell

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