Crisis prevention

Self-sufficient backup power to safeguard the drinking water supply

EFOY Customer: Netze Duisburg GmbH

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Point of departure

As a regional distribution network operator, Netze Duisburg GmbH is responsible for the planning, operation, expansion and maintenance of the electricity, gas, water and district heating supply networks in the Duisburg city area. In the event of a network failure, it must be possible to continue operating the critical infrastructure without tying up staff capacity. A low-maintenance and emission-free emergency power supply is a minimum requirement for the technology.


As the system serves as an emergency power supply, it must be able to switch automatically and without interruption to a stand-alone supply in the event of an emergency and function maintenance-free for an extended period of time. Previously, the emergency power supply was provided by a diesel generator. Unfortunately, the operation of this system was neither low-emission nor low-maintenance.

“We are convinced of the emission-free solutions made by SFC”

SFC’s vast expertise and know-how was crucial to the successful implementation of this project. We are convinced of the professionalism and quality of the emission-free solutions made by SFC.

Michael Haring, Head of Operating Technology, Netze Duisburg

The solution:
EFOY H₂Cabinet X-Series

The H₂Cabinets of the X-Series are designed for outdoor applications. The turnkey solution can be equipped with up to two EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen can be supplied via individual pressure cylinders or cylinder bundles. An expansion of the cabinet for a larger hydrogen supply is possible.

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In cooperation with FRERK Aggregatebau GmbH and SFC Energy, a hydrogen emergency power supply system was developed that guarantees a fail-safe system in the event of a power failure. The EFOY H₂Cabinet was installed on a foundation and connected to the existing system. The on-site energy reserve consists of 54 pressurized hydrogen cyliders, each with a capacity of 50 liters and a total net capacity of approx. 900 kWh. The system has a fully automatic switch over between the four cylinder bundles and the six individual cylinders and an equally fully automatic and uninterruptible switchover of the supply from the public power grid to a self-sufficient supply.


The absolute self-sufficiency and high reliability of the EFOY H₂Cabinet energy solution was decisive for this project. Thanks to the high adaptability to the needs of our customers, we can guarantee a precisely customized and reliable power supply, which can also be operated 100% emission-free. The remote monitoring of the system, the automatic self-test and the low on-site service help to save operating costs. With the EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells, SFC Energy offers an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for power generation and backup. With over 20 years of experience and market knowledge, SFC is an expert in the security of critical infrastructures and crisis prevention.

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