Off-grid power supply for measuring instruments

Off-grid power supply
for measuring instruments



Point of departure

Over the past 25 years, DEKRA GREEN ENERGIES has been providing measurement services in the wind and solar energy industry. DEKRA offers well-regarded meteorological measurement campaign services, which include masts, LiDARs, and SODARs. These services are part of turnkey projects designed for the measurement of wind and solar resources, wind resource assessment studies and other related services.


DEKRA acquires meteorological information using different measurement tools like met masts, LiDARs and SODARs. In some of these, the use of an autonomous energy system is necessary. Their measurement campaigns are conducted worldwide and their duration ranges from one to several years, depending on the specific objectives of each project. Sometimes LiDAR systems are installed in remote locations that are difficult to access, where it is not possible to connect them to the power grid, or where solar radiation is insufficient to operate them year-round. In addition, DEKRA needs a continuous real-time communication system to monitor the status of the facilities and equipment and ensure accurate data measurement. To meet these challenges, DEKRA needs an autonomous power supply system (backup) that can provide uninterrupted power to these stations.

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The EFOY Pro Fuel cell offers several benefits. Its main advantage is its capacity to provide energy when needed, allowing us to operate continuously in high-latitude sites and under adverse meteorological conditions, even in isolated locations. We are satisfied with the performance of this system.

David Pazos, DEKRA - Green Energies Department

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 2800

The EFOY Pro 2800, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

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DEKRA has implemented a hybrid system that ensures uninterrupted data availability. The system consists of a trailer that relies mainly on photovoltaic panels and batteries as its primary energy source. In order to be supplied with power even in case of insufficient sunlight or unfavorable weather conditions, EFOY fuel cells supplement the trailer as backup energy suppliers to ensure a continuous power supply. This configuration effectively covers the energy needs of the LiDAR systems. The entire backup system consists of an EFOY Pro 2800 methanol cell with two M28 methanol cartridges. When the main power supply is insufficient to power the LiDARs at certain times, the backup system is automatically activated to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. One EFOY fuel cell is already all it takes for each LIDAR system installed. This creates a hybrid system that ensures a continuous supply of energy.


In the past two years, around 40 LiDARs have been installed using this hybrid configuration. By ensuring an independent energy system, the EFOY fuel cells allow DEKRA to offer their customers the maximum availability of information without interruption.