Continuous power supply to a highly sensitive camera to monitor driftwood

Off-grid power for remote and highly sensitive cameras

EFOY Client: amnimo

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Point of departure

Our customer amnimo Inc. offers solutions that create synergy between the three areas of video solutions, IoT solutions and AI solutions. The video solutions from amnimo use video technology, data and artificial intelligence (AI) to create value through innovation.


As of September 2022, amnimo has a highly sensitive camera, the ”amnimo Edge Gateway”, to monitor driftwood, especially during night-time at the check dam in Japan. The site is located remotely in the mountains, far from downtown and without electrical power. Before installing the EFOY Pro Fuel Cell, the customer used a solar panel. If the power output of the solar module was not sufficient, a generator with a gasoline or diesel engine was needed, which had to be refueled every few days. This represented a significant burden for the customer. Due to this limited energy supply, the monitoring points had to be limited from an operational point of view, although the customer would have liked to expand the monitoring points.

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 900

The EFOY Pro 900, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

more about EFOY Pro 900

“Durability, reliability, power efficiency, remote monitoring function via EFOY Cloud.”

These features are extremely beneficial and are the main reason why we are using EFOY Fuel Cells for our innovated remote surveillance camera solution."

Mitsutoshi Tsukada, amnimo Inc.


EFOY Pro 900, the FM4 Fuel Manager, four M10 fuel cartridges, the lithium iron phosphate battery and the amnimo Edge Gateway have been successfully integrated by amnimo in one container. The high-sensitivity camera is connected to the amnimo Edge Gateway via PoE ports. The amnimo Edge Gateway has four PoE ports, a 512GB SSD for storage, video management software and an LTE/4G router, making it the best combination for video applications in distributed and remote locations. The EFOY Pro 900 provides the primary power supply of 24 V DC for the edge gateway. The PoE function in the Edge Gateway provides up to 30 watts of power for the IP camera. All video is stored on the SSD in the Edge Gateway and only the necessary data is transferred to the amnimo cloud. This helps to significantly reduce the cost of the LTE network and cloud operation. Thanks to the EFOY Pro Fuel Cell, amnimo can offer its video solutions in a wider range of locations, regardless of the availability of a traditional power source.


The introduction of the EFOY Pro Fuel Cell has provided a sustainable energy management solution, that allows the customer to expand monitoring points without the constraints of traditional power supply. This helps to significantly increase the efficiency and utility of monitoring and data collection without the burden of fuel procurement and maintenance of generators. The ability to monitor remotely via the EFOY cloud allows us to monitor the status of the system and energy consumption in real time and, if necessary, perform maintenance without having to be physically on site. This increases the overall efficiency of our solution and contributes to customer satisfaction.