EFOY Pro fuel cell for speed cameras

Off-grid power for stationary speed measuring system

EFOY Client: City of Remscheid, Germany

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The Application

There were repeated, serious and sometimes fatal accidents on the K 2 between Hückeswagen and Remscheid. Often, the cause was excessive speed. The large number of serious accidents was the crucial factor for the city of Remscheid and the accident committee to install a static laser speed measurement system from JENOPTIK.

The Challenge

The aim of the speed camera system is to defuse the accident blackspot and to reduce the risk of accidents by making road users adapt their style of driving. The biggest challenge, however, is the continuous power supply to the measuring system (including integrated components such as the camera, inverter, heating, etc.) at the hazardous location. At the accident blackspot, there is no access to the stationary power supply. Due to the remote location, no power supply could be provided economically by the local supplier. As part of the planning of a measuring system, an environmentally friendly and low-maintenance power supply solution was sought. The installation site is located in the forest area and is therefore mostly in the shade. For this reason, a power supply with solar panels is not a reliable alternative.

The solution:
EFOY Pro 2800 &
EFOY ProCabinet 2030A

The EFOY Pro 2800, the latest fuel cell generation, together with the EFOY ProCabinet control cabinet is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

more about the EFOY Pro 2800

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“Ideal power supply solution for our remote location”

The TraffiTower with the TraffiStar S350 from JENOPTIK, in combination with EFOY Pro fuel cells, is the ideal power supply solution for our remote location and runs reliably 24/7.

L. Lehmann, City of Remscheid Citizens, Safety and Order Department

The Solution

The EFOY Pro 2800, installed in a weatherproof EFOY ProCabinet, is the ideal power supply solution for a speed measurement system in remote locations. The city of Remscheid uses the predecessor model EFOY Pro 2400 Duo in its application. The energy supply is ensured 24/7 with the fuel cell. In addition to the EFOY’s environmentally friendly mode of operation, it also helps the city of Remscheid to avoid costly maintenance work. Only the tank cartridges need to be changed from time to time.


By using the EFOY Pro fuel cell, the city of Remscheid can operate its measuring system reliably and safely even at a remote location with an increased risk of accidents. The use of the measuring system from JENOPTIK in combination with EFOY fuel cells reduces the speed level and accident risk in the area long term and leads to increased safety for road users.