Off-grid power for video surveillance systems with EFOY Pro fuel cells

Power supply for camera systems
on construction sites and for traffic monitoring

Client: Free State of Bavaria, Bayerische Strassenbauverwaltung

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Bayerische Strassenbauverwaltung is the authority responsible in the Free State of Bavaria for the construction, operation and maintenance of motorways, and federal and state roads. The authority needs camera systems for its construction sites. These are used to monitor construction sites and provide the responsible site manager with relevant information in the form of video material. Webcams also transmit important information on the current traffic situation to, which can be accessed by road users. The camera systems are currently used at the Regensburg office for the construction site on the A3 between Nuremberg and Passau. Since the surveillance system is constantly changing position, a flexible power supply is needed.


The power supply is often interrupted on construction sites, which means that camera systems cannot be operated with mains power. In the past, only permanently installed cameras were used, which did not allow flexible use. Today, flexible camera systems are installed at most construction sites, such as on the A3 Nuremberg – Passau, and a mobile and autonomous power supply is required for this. Construction sites are constantly on the move and not only change location but also frequently change lane guides within the construction site. Flexible camera systems and a mobile and autonomous power supply are therefore needed. The video surveillance provides important information for site managers and road users.

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 900

The EFOY Pro 900, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

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“Cameras on construction sites contribute to traffic safety.”

With mobile solutions, the cameras can be relocated in a short space of time to keep an eye on what is happening on the construction site at all times. With an autonomous power supply for mobile camera systems, you are independent of the power grid and flexible in the positioning of the cameras.

Ulrich Haspel, Bayerische Strassenbauverwaltung


Bayerische Strassenbauverwaltung uses an EFOY Pro 800 Duo (corresponds to latest fuel cell generation EFOY Pro 900) integrated in its own cabinet to provide a reliable and flexible power supply for camera systems.


By using EFOY fuel cells, Bayerische Strassenbauverwaltung is able to operate its camera systems flexibly and autonomously, always keeping an eye on the traffic situation and the construction site. A reliable supply of power to webcams is also safeguarded, ensuring better information transfer to road users which in turn leads to greater safety in road traffic.