Road weather stations

Reliable, off-grid power for more traffic safety

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Road weather stations measure precipitation and temperatures on roads and bridges in order to recognise the risk of ice, therefore improving safety on roads and preventing accidents.

Power requirement Between 300 and 1200 Wh/day

The challenge

The reliable provision of off-grid power around the clock, especially in winter when there is little sunlight and temperatures are low, is a particular challenge. Solar modules alone are not able to guarantee the power supply.

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Radar cameras

The solution:
EFOY Pro fuel cells

EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cells reliably supply your traffic management systems with power. The fuel cell can simply be integrated into a control cabinet where it can supply existing batteries with power or be combined with solar modules.

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The combination of EFOY Pro fuel cell and solar energy system brings together the best of both technologies. Only when sufficient solar power can no longer be generated, does the fuel cell turn itself on fully automatically to re-charge the battery, therefore bridging the energy gap. Reliable off-grid power on 365 days of the year

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“Power in any weather”

Previously, we were not able to guarantee a reliable power supply using only solar power. The effort to replace batteries is significant. With the EFOY Pro, we are not only sure that the system has power in any weather but we also save a lot of money by not laying power cables.

Eric Recht, Hydroservices, France

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