Remote wildlife video monitoring system

Customer: Round Island, Alaska (USA)

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The Application

Remote wildlife video monitoring system with additional repeater sites on Round Island halfway between Alaska and Russia using EFOY ProEnergyBox and EFOY ProCabinet Solar Hybrid solutions. The project is all about overlooking Walrus that haul out of the water on the island. IP Video Specialists are specialized in off-grid remote live camera installations.

The Challenge

The site is located in one of the most remote places in the world – Round Island, Alaska. The project is on a small island between Bristol Bay and the Bering Sea and is only accessible via helicopter or a long boat ride during a few months of the year. The sites experiences harsh winter conditions with a significant drop-off in solar availability so an extremely autonomous and reliable solution is needed to provide power with minimal user intervention.

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 2800

The EFOY Pro 2800, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

more about EFOY Pro 2800

“The best sustainable option

The Round Island project required an extremely reliable and autonomous power supply as the sites are very difficult and expensive to access. We chose to deploy EFOY Pro Fuel Cells in a hybrid combination with solar because it was the best sustainable option to ensure year round reliable power for our equipment.

Their ability to operate reliably and autonomously year round in harsh winter conditions with minimal refueling requirements and ultra-low CO2 emissions made EFOY the most efficient and eco-friendly choice.

Tim Sears - IP Video Specialists, Del Mar (Kalifornien, USA)

The benefits

Increased runtime & autonomy

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells offer fully autonomous and maintenance free hybrid power generation for years at a time significantly reducing yearly operating cost

More efficient & eco-friendly power generation

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells produce power without any harmful emissions, are more efficient and consume significantly less fuel per year than various fuel gas (diesel, natural gas, propane) genset solutions

100 % reliability in extreme weather conditions

Drop deployable -40 °C rated Nema 3R pre-packaged solutions or simple integration onto standard 19” rack units inside existing equipment shelter. 28L Fuel Cartridges are light, spill proof, rated for air transport and are easy to transport to even the most remote site!

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