Off-grid power solution for traffic data collection application

Client: Highway Managment South Bavaria

Location: Junction Sigmarszell, South Bavaria (Germany)

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General information about your application?

Type Traffic counting
Duration March 2015 – October 2015
Description Power Supply for traffic counting devices; measures the in/outflow of the junction Sigmarszell (A96, B31, B308)

Which energy problems or challenges did you have to address?

We were searching for an off-grid power solution for empowering our traffic data collection application: It was important to avoid any expensive cable laying.

Why did you select EFOY Pro?

EFOY Pro fuel cells supply the required power. Moreover interfaces for the integration of remote meintenance are available. The cartridges can be handled very easily and this makes the logistic cost effective. An additional plus was that the fuel supply was surveyed by an alarm SMS system which automatically informed operator.

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 1800

The EFOY Pro 1800, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

more about EFOY Pro 1800

“Reliable power suppy”

One of the challenges was the very high temperatures during summer due to direct sunlight. Even at high temperatures, the EFOY Pro ran and reliably supplied power to the system.

Mr. Christoph Maget, Central Office for Traffic Management

How is the EFOY Pro integrated in your installation?

Hybrid use with batteries in an outdoor aluminum cube. The EFOY Pro fuel cells are used in hybrid operation with batteries in an aluminium boxes.

How many EFOYs do you use and do you also combine other alternative power sources?

At the moment there are eight EFOY Pro 2400 (corresponds to latest fuel cell generation EFOY Pro 1800) in operation. From summer 2016 they will be partially in hybrid use with solar panel.

What are the benefits of using the EFOY in your application?

The use of the EFOY Pro fuel cells ensures the automatic collection of traffic data in remote areas with no access to grid. Previously it was necessary to collect the data manually, with the use of EFOY Pro we save lots of time and money due to savings in personal costs.