Off-grid power supply for radio-relay communication application


Customer: ISP ARBUZ Co. Ltd.

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General information about your application?

It is a radio-relay communication application which is located in the forest. Two EFOY Pro 2400 Duo (corresponds to latest fuel cell generation EFOY Pro 2800) supply two Cambium TP600s, a Cisco catalyst switch and several monitoring devices.

Which energy problems or challenges did you have to address?

The main problem was to solve the back-up energy source. The power supply from the grid was not guaranteed and switched off from time to time. In the past we used diesel generators as a back-up power source. They could provide about 1-2 weeks of standalone operations. With EFOY Pro the autonomy can be expanded at least to one year.

The Solution:
EFOY Pro 2800

The EFOY Pro 2800, the latest fuel cell generation, is the ideal power supply solution for this application.

more about EFOY Pro 2800

“50 times longer period of autonomous power”

The EFOY Pro fuel cells provide a 50 times longer period of autonomous power supply without service. Moreover it is also very easy to maintain.

Mr Kirill Ettenko, ISP ARBUZ Co. Ltd.

How is the EFOY Pro integrated in your installation?

Both EFOY Pro fuel cells are connected in parallel with an inverter, charging one battery. Additionally we have installed a Cluster Controller CC1. The battery works as a back-up power.

How many EFOYs do you use and do you also combine other alternative power sources?

We use two EFOY Pro fuel cells on a distant object. We do not use any other alternative power sources.

What are the benefits of EFOY in your application?

If the main power goes down, we are sure that there will be no idle in our communication services. Even a single hour of idle is very expensive in communications.