Chemical injection pumps

100% autonomous and reliable power supplies for oil & gas applications

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Electrical chemical injection pumps inject chemicals into natural gas pipelines at remote drilling sites to prevent hydrate blockages.

Output requirement Between 7 and 30 W
Power requirement 170 – 720 Wh/day
Autonomy requirement At least 4 months without user intervention, especially in winter

The challenge

Ensuring 100 % reliable operation in remote locations, in rough weather and climate conditions, even in extreme cold. Making service intervals as long as possible, reducing fuel costs, minimising environmental pollution by omitting degassing which is needed when pneumatic pumps are used.

More oil and gas applications

SCADA systems
Pipeline safety

The solution:
EFOY Pro 2400 Duo

Reliable, off-grid power with an EFOY Pro 2400 Duo or a hybrid solution made up of an EFOY Pro fuel cell and a solar module.

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Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

The oil and gas industry wants to reduce CO2 emissions, lower its costs and increase efficiency. The environmentally friendly EFOY Pro is perfect for operating oil & gas equipment in nature reserves. Its use will prevent the extremely uneconomical use of propane/methanol in thermoelectric generators.

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A reliable power source”

For mobile, critical scenarios, in particular, where it can literally be a matter of life and death, the EFOY Pro is a real problem solver for us. No other power supply is as reliable.

Harriëtte van Kuijk, Tedas Security Solutions, NL

Longer operating times

With two 60 litre EFOY fuel cartridges, an EFOY Pro fuel cell can run a 10 Watts pump for 16 months without any user intervention.

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