Lighting of obstructions

The best energy solution for off-grid wind measurements and lighting of obstructions

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For safety reasons, the uninterrupted power supply of obstruction lighting and lubricant pumps during the construction phase and during maintenance work is indispensable for wind power plants.

Output requirement for obstruction lighting Between 50 and 100 W
Output requirement for pumps About 25 W

The challenge

During the construction phase and during maintenance work on a wind farm, sometimes no power is available from the mains. Still, the operation of obstruction lighting and pumps has to be ensured. The autonomous operation of up to three months usually causes high service and operating costs for batteries and generators, as well as significant maintenance.

More about Measurement

Wind measurement

The solution:
EFOY fuel cells

The EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cell will supply your wind power plant with power for weeks or even months without any user intervention. The EFOY Pro can either be installed in the nacelle or the tower of the wind power plant.

More about EFOY fuel cells

Long autonomy

The previously required on-site visits (approximately every two days) to replace the batteries are avoided by using the EFOY Pro fuel cell, therefore significantly reducing operating costs.

Additional benefits

Integration of the EFOY Pro
in wind power plants

“EFOY Pro saves money”

In 20 days of operation, generators consume 8,000 litres of diesel, while fuel cells only require 75 litres of their own fuel. This not only saves money but also logistics efforts.

Mr Jörg Hebestadt, CEO Windkraft Service GmbH

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