Wind measurement

The best energy solution for off-grid wind measurements and lighting of obstructions

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Wind measurement systems (LIDAR, SODAR and wind measurement masts)

Output requirement Between 7 and 150 W

The challenge

Wind measurement systems in locations of potential wind farms require a reliable off-grid power supply for up to 12 months. Generators compromise acoustic measurements, batteries have to be replaced every two to three days.

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Lighting of obstructions

The solution:
EFOY fuel cells

Reliable off-grid power with the maintenance-free, environmentally friendly EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cell that can supply the application for weeks and months. The EFOY Pro can be integrated into weather-proof outdoor boxes, trailers or control cabinets.

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Advantages at a glance

EFOY Pro reduces operating costs, ensures reliable data collection and enables precise planning of wind measurements.

Long autonomy, high reliability

EFOY Pro fuel cells supply power for many months, maintenance-free and off-grid. With four 28 litre EFOY fuel cartridges, an EFOY Pro fuel cell can run a 20 Watts wind measurement system for 8 months without any user intervention. If used in conjunction with solar modules, it closes the power gap in bad weather, therefore preventing loss of data caused by a disruption in power.

Maintenance-free power even for long periods

The EFOY Pro is maintenance-free, consumption can be precisely calculated in advance, enabling long-term planning capability. Regular on-site servicing for maintenance and repair of generators is eliminated, therefore saving significant costs.

Environmentally friendly

The EFOY Pro fuel cell is operated in an environmentally friendly way without compromising measurement results.

Compact and lightweight

With the EFOY Pro, wind measurements can be flexibly carried out in different locations. LIDAR and SODAR equipment can be run without being noticed.

“We love this solution!”

We bought an EFOY Pro fuel cell and tested it for one year. We integrated it into our mobile surveillance system for the oil and gas industry, and it ran completely autonomously for 5 months. We love this solution!

Thomas Woodall, Oil & Gas Security Systems, Inc., USA

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