Stationary surveillance

Reliable, off-grid power supplies for surveillance systems

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Stationary audio and video surveillance systems are used to protect and monitor infrastructures, for border control, for security during events and to watch animals and plants in the wild. They are often installed and operated covertly.

Output requirement Between 25 and 50 W

The challenge

Semi-stationary and stationary surveillance systems are often used where there is no mains connection. Sometimes, surveillance systems must be used covertly. This poses a challenge to the self-sufficiency of a power supply.

The solution:
EFOY Pro fuel cells

EFOY Pro fuel cells reliably supply off-grid power for weeks without the need for user intervention – silent and, if required, covert and vandalism-safe.

More about EFOY Pro

“A reliable power source is the key to success.”

There are many innovative solutions and technologies on the market for surveillance. However, without power, these solutions are useless. A reliable power source is the key to success.



The EFOY Pro is perfect for covert missions. It is quiet during operation and can be integrated into discreet surroundings without being noticed. An integrated, running fuel cell cannot be recognised from the outside.

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