Mobile surveillance

Flexible and covert power supplies for mobile surveillance

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Many service vehicles and trailers require power for covert investigations and object protection for days and weeks.

Output requirement Between 15 W (for a digital camera) and 150 W (multi-channel video processing and transmission including IR lighting)
Autonomy requirement For shifts of 10 – 24 hours up to 12 weeks for covert surveillance missions

Areas of application

  • Border control, customs
  • Command and service vehicles, emergency vehicles
  • Covert investigations etc.

The challenge

Surveillance vehicles and trailers often just stand by with their engines turned off, while still having to supply electrical consumers with power. Turning on the engine or a generator to charge batteries should be avoided. Using a fuel cell instead will increase the flexibility of these vehicles without drawing attention to them during covert operations. Additionally, the power source should fit into a car and should generate little or no signature.

The solution:
EFOY fuel cells

Up to two EFOY/EFOY Pro fuel cells are directly connected to the battery on-board, fully automatically charging them when required. The electronic devices are connected to the on-board battery which can deliver a direct current of 12 V/24 V or, if needed, 230 V using an inverter.

More about EFOY fuel cells

“The perfect energy supply for on-site inspections”

The EFOY Pro fuel cells ensure the perfect supply of energy to our inspection vehicles while on-site inspections are being carried out.

Ralf Mülhausen, Bundesamt für Güterverkehr (BAG = German Federal Office for Goods Transport)

Environmentally friendly and undetectable

The EFOY Pro fully automatically and quietly charges the vehicle’s or trailer’s battery so that electrical consumers are supplied with power even when the engine is turned off. Turning on the engine or a generator to charge the battery is avoided, therefore preventing harmful emissions. Covert operations are thus undetectable.

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